Thursday, September 30, 2010


Whenever I hear those well worn jokes about men with ‘man flu’, I slink off into my metaphorical corner – because I am totally WOEFUL when I’m sick.  I blame the distinct lack of sympathy I get around here… though I’d rather not get into a debate about cause and effect….

It’d just be nice if they stepped in and picked up the slack a bit in regard to the kitchen – the meals, and the cleaning up. But noone does. I wondered the other night (in between bouts of sneezing, and holding a tissue to my nose to catch the flow!) if I’d actually have to be dead before they thought to, say, clean up, stack the dishwasher.. do the washing up that never fits.  Without me having to stand there and give stage by stage instructions!

I suppose this all comes from this old fashioned division of labour we have in this house, which has it’s pluses and minuses, I can tell you……


I am feeling much better, although I’m still stuffed up a bit, and I was coughing a bit in the night… So I’m still going to take it carefully. 

On top of the whole cold and cottonwool head thing, my back was giving me grief, and so, after a day of sooking around on Tuesday, I rang to make a chiropractor appointment. Alas, he had gone on holidays for a week! Noooo! I could see his partner, but I’ve opted to wait till Wednesday next week when he gets back. And so I reached out for pharmaceutical help. Hello Voltaren my old friend.  Crazy thing is, it’s worked. It’s as if by easing the pain for a while, my brain gets distracted with other things, and then it forgets to instruct the back to go back into spasm again when the medication wears off.  Something like that anyway. So I’m warily optimistic, and just simply, so relieved.

The big POSITIVE was the Wednesday weigh-in.  After a couple of days of slobbing and sooking (and reaching for some comfort foods – damn my children for making choc caramel slice … I did cut it into mini pieces, surely some calories escaped!… ) I steeled myself for no change on the scales. (I’d have been disappointed with an increase, but no change, I could deal with, I thought.)

My god – 75! Given that I’d snuck on a couple of times since the Wednesday Week 1 (and changed my ticker scale to help my confidence), I had myself confused.  “Half a kilo… well, that’s a bonus!” I thought.  It wasn’t until I actually went to enter the weight in on my 12WBT stats page that I realised that I’d actually dropped 1.5 kg since Week 1 weigh in.  Bearing in mind that my scales, albeit digital, are only in 0.5kg increments, that’s still pretty bloody AMAZING.

Perhaps those couple of days of derailment (and lack of movement) will catch up with me for next week, but for now, it’s given me the impetus to get straight back on track with the eating…   I have to take my return to exercise a bit more carefully..  I went for a short, brisk walk yesterday afternoon (and just my knee niggled – which is just something else in my arsenal of body part issues..) But my back was ok. My calf was ok. My lung capacity is not yet normal, but getting there.

And I swear I’m going to keep away from the scales and the ticker thingy till next Wednesday.

By yesterday afternoon I felt ready to watch the Week 2 video, and catch up with the Live Feed video.

And to get my stupid head back in line in regard to the menu.

Last night I made the Beef and Broccolini stir fry recipe – only the supermarket didn’t have broccolini so I did beans, carrot and some capsicum instead.  (I still have the opinion of the nutritionist I consulted back 12 years ago echoing in my head -  about trying to include some ‘orange’ food ie. beta carotene? - in every meal – so I like to put some variety in my stir fries anyway.)

The kids somehow all disappeared to friends’ places last night, so it was just the two of us.  Normally I’d use more beef than that recipe, but I cut it down to about 250g – Himself has to reduce his iron intake anyway.  And I measured out exactly 1/3 cup myself for the basmati rice. Much, much less than I would normally have.

While he has been slightly bemused with all these new recipes, he is pretty happy with me starting to actually cook with chilli. And he really, really enjoyed that dish! And, so did I. Biggest challenge was stopping myself picking at what was left!

Tonight I’m doing the roast chicken, veggies and lime – and finally sourced some kaffir lime leaves this morning! (Neither Coles or Woollies had them this week, would you believe?!)

And after reading some other blogs about the spaghetti bol and lentils, it hit me that I just had the wrong psychological approach to it. All I have to do is NOT think of it as bolognaise, but as a totally different meal – ie. Spaghetti and Lentils  - and I can totally cope with it. 

I’m not a basket case at all, am I?  Well, I always knew my main issue with the weight was psychological, and to do with FOOD.

fatso As a final source of “inspiration” to get myself totally back on track – we got to see some proofs of photos from the 75km Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge that we did on our tandem the day before Week 1 kick off. The only photos of us? (which I’ve stolen screen captured) Apart from the one below, (stuffing my energy depleted face with a bacon and egg roll… hmmmm), just this godawful one of me.  Those rolls of fat! I might feel very athletic and sporty when I’m riding, and sound very athletic and sporty with all the riding we do, but I sure as hell don’t look it.  And this has been typical of the photos of me on our bikes for the past couple of years….

I’m posting it here as yet another kick up the butt to remind myself of why I’m doing this; it can serve as my official ‘bike riding’ BEFORE shot.

I’ve officially lost 2 kg since this photo…

I am so looking forward to an AFTER shot in10 weeks time.




Maybe by then I’ll also have learnt how to avoid a can of coke and a bacon and egg roll at the end of a 3 hour session as well…





Meanwhile – less ‘talk’ more action required around here. Tossing up between a walk, or attempting some of the Tight Toned Terrific dvd.

I hope everyone else is dealing ok with their own demons. Mostly everyone seems to be really smashing it, and I draw inspiration from every one of you!


  1. Tracey, I love your posts. They are so entertaining. Glad to hear you're on the road to recovery and well done on the weight loss.

  2. sorry to hear that you havent been well and that you feel better soon.

  3. Aww, thanks Linda. Blogging/writing is a bit of an addiction with me, so it's nice to get feedback like that.
    Hi Katrina, thanks for the comment - found your blog and following now too!