Friday, September 3, 2010


I am really looking forward to the eating advice this program promises to deliver. I so need tips on what to munch on when I get the munchies - which is a LOT of the time. Yes, yes, I do kind of know, but I need more ideas, otherwise I'm going to get cranky and fed up.

As I said, I've already made inroads with food choices over the past couple of days. When I've wanted to eat something crappy I've pulled out a carrot instead. And each time I made that choice, I realised just how much crap I've been shovelling in. "Oh, just this biscuit won't hurt"... that type of warped rationale...

I just think I might get a bit sick of carrots - because they don't really hit the spot like a chocolate biscuit does. For now, yes, they are hitting the 'virtuous' spot - but that will definitely not last. I need some variety!

It's such a mind battle.

So, already, with the Pre-Season tasks, laying out my excuses - actually having to write them out - is a good thing.

I'm too tired. I hate getting up early. I don't want to ride by myself. Not fair that others can eat what they want and I can't. Eating this will make me feel better. I'm soooo hungry after that ride, I need an energy boost....

Not that hard really: "Suck it up princess." "Life wasn't meant to be Easy, and it sure isn't fair." "Just do it." And - "no it won't make you feel better - you hate yourself for how much weight you put on - that's a WORSE feeling than foregoing a bit of cake."

I'll lay out the other excuses next post. Right now I'm heading to the chiropractor to get a maintenance service! My back has been pretty good lately - but I'm likely to be putting stuff out with all the limping around - best to get in and correct stuff before it hits.

I'll be in town, so choosing a healthy lunch will be a challenge.

And back in the pool this afternoon. Let's see if I can do the whole distance, even if it is slowly and without much kicking.

I didn't actually do any exercise yesterday, but I'll play it safe a couple more days with the leg. I can't afford to stuff it up by getting carried away. Right now just imagining doing a lot of stuff makes me wince, but it's going to be good by the 20th!!


  1. Here's a bit of incentive for you ... menopause adds pounds and with age it gets much harder to take them off. Doing it now is a great idea.

  2. Thanks, E, very true. And I think that I might be hitting that stage already. After going through the heavy periods with bad cramps stage (plus a confirmation that my estrogen was low), I've gone quite some time now without having a period. Early menopause?