Monday, September 20, 2010


OK, so today is the official start of the 12WBT, and I’m already in a bit of a state of flux. 

The last 3 days have been so busy, that I haven’t had the chance to do the ‘before’ photos, or the measurements, never mind the fitness test.  The measurements I’ll go and do shortly. The photo is going to be a bit hard till I can get someone to take it for me, unless I can figure out where to put a mirror so I’ll be against a plain background.

I’ve been looking at this menu plan with a bit of despair, trying to figure out how to adapt it to suit the tastes and appetites of my Not at all Overweight family. (If my skinny 11 year old gets any less calories, she’ll disappear!)  Most recipes include something that someone doesn’t like – including myself!! And I look at some of them and wonder where the range of nutrition is…   So I am going to have to be extra clever, and adapt it to suit our family.  I have already been doing that anyway…  Since I signed up I’ve had a revolution with my own eating/snacking habits – and some meals I’ve made other alternatives for myself, or just omitted stuff. (Should have seen Friday night’s meal – never had so many steamed veggies ever – and I substituted corn for pasta for myself.)

So I think I’m smart enough to be able to adapt.  I’m not going to be able to follow this plan religiously – but I can use it as a guide.   It’s all about ‘Taking Control’, and so taking control of the program and making it work for me – and to be something sustainable beyond the end of the 12 weeks – has got to be a good thing.


In other news .. on Friday I ‘fessed up to Himself about what I was doing (and what I’d spent on this.)  He’d already sussed that I was doing something – and when it came down to it, he couldn’t really argue with me spending money on my health, fitness, and indeed, my “looks”.  Particularly when he’d just hassled me to go out and buy an outfit and shoes to go out to a work ‘do’.

So I decided to strike while the iron was hot (we were in the plaza at the time- me eating my ‘takeaway from home’ chicken salad!) and then went and bought myself new ‘running’ shoes.  I got ‘trail running’ shoes, as, if I manage to learn how to run, I’m really more a bush track girl. They’ll be perfect for jogging on the beach… And they are the most comfortable pair of ‘joggers’ I’ve ever owned!  It’s going to be a couple more weeks before I can run on this leg though – still a challenge to walk totally properly – so I’m going to be a bit behind with all that. 


Anyway… like I said – busy weekend.  46km bike ride on Saturday morning, and 75km yesterday.  (Netall canteen for nearly 4 hours, grand final day, thankgodit’salloverfortheyear!) I fell off the wagon at the end yesterday’s ride – scoffed a bacon and egg roll, and a can of coke when we finished – but at least I reined it in after that and didn’t continue stuffing my face with bad carbs and sugar like I normally do.

We had the work ‘do’ on Saturday night – local business awards.  It was, as I predicted, boring as hell – even though husband’s company cleaned up with 4 awards, including ‘Business of the Year’.  (Heaven help me, I was dragged into the official group photo at the end. This is certainly the wrong end of the 12WBT to potentially having my photo in the damn local paper… )  You know…despite fears that I've been gradually turning into a social hermit, I’m not sure that tottering about in high heels, sitting at a dinner where it was hard to carry on a conversation with anyone but the person next to you (Husband’s boss.. great…), picking at mediocre RSL club food, and having to watch POLE DANCING as entertainment – is my idea of a good time.  (Hermits Unite, I say…)

A friend who’d once torn her calf muscle reckoned high heels (and bike riding) helped her – but I’m here to tell you that my personal scepticism of the high heels theory was warranted. I had to take them off to limp the last few hundred metres back to the car, and I hobbled up to bed hoping that I hadn’t just set my recovery back a few weeks.   Fortunately I was ok in the morning – and I lasted the 75km ride, with a bit of help from Voltaren…

As for the ride - (and apart from being officially ‘buggered’ at the end of it, as we didn’t dilly dally) - if one more person called out ‘that’s cheating’ at us on the tandem, I swear, I was going to knock them off their bikes. And to the ‘gentleman’ that ‘observed’ (very unoriginally I might add – no you’re not at all funny)- “the one on the back isn’t putting in” – I challenge you to strap a few bags of cement to YOUR bike, then race us over any distance you choose, and then we’ll see whether I’m just there as a passenger.

Today – apart from having my Ms 15 at home in bed, unwell (ed: still asleep at nearly 1pm) – I’m ready to get going with this program.  Swim squad this afternoon. I’m a bit stiff from the ride, so I’ll do those exercises after (hopefully) loosening up at swimming.

This fitness test will be a fizzer. Can’t run yet because of my calf – though I would rate myself as reasonable with the aerobic fitness (thanks to the swimming and riding.)  My upper body strength is a joke – and the abs?… Even when I tried a personal trainer, doing weights, I struggled with the most basic of ab exercises before my back started playing up. So sit ups right now are looking pretty pie in the sky.

Oh well, here goes nothing. I have to work this out, and make it work for me.


  1. I find it difficult to get the motivation when you have an injury. I wrecked my back (i think in bootcamp or explosive weights at the gym) last year and have been trying to crawl back ever since. I guess it's just a case of working around your injury and doing what you can do - the main thing is your moving!

    I can't believe they were yelling out at you! People think they are so original and witty sometimes! Are you serious that they had pole dancing at a work do? LOL

    I'm looking forward to doing the fitness test, but because of my back it might be a bit hard. I think though loosing weight helps the injuries so it might get better later on :)

    Good luck for your first week hun xo

  2. Same same to you Lady B! Know what you mean about the back injury business... I was going to a personal trainer doing weights and that a couple of years ago, and it fired my back up dreadfully. So I have to be careful too.

    Oh we get called out at all the time on the tandem... and rarely is it original. It's hard to control one's instinct to raise the finger back sometimes, actually.. but we do somehow resist it. (We have ridden a lot with our girls on the back of tandems too, so they get pretty riled when people think it's funny to call out "The one on the back isn't pedalling!"

    It's a different story when they are drafting you down a hill and along the flat when we can crank it up so much faster than a single.

    The pole dancing entertainment was at the Coffs Harbour Sunny's Business Awards... it wasn't R-rated pole dancing.. but it WAS still pole dancing with scantily clad women doing poses on poles to cabaret themed tunes (poles for one performance, and a suspended ring for another.... she wouldn't have made the cut for Cirque du Soleil...) Bizarre.

    Good luck with week 1 too!

  3. I remember being a kid and being yelled at while riding on a regular bike, then watching someone throw an iceblock at my friend (who was riding in front) lol it's pretty bad for cyclists with that kind of person around.

    I still think its hilarious that they thought even g rated pole dancing was suitable entertainment for business awards.

    Bloody injuries. I so wish i could click my fingers and be as fit as i was before the injury and subsequent weight gain. Oh well :)

  4. snicker snicker - hermits unite - I love it!!!

    Well at least you can pat yourself on the back and breathe a sigh of relief that the dreaded social activity is over. and well done too for other half's Award! I think I would have hung onto the high heels for hurling at those who dare to comment on the tandem.

    You do so much exercise. Do you ever work out how many calories you burn? You must lose weight now that you are In Control - surely?

  5. Heh, Wendy, maybe I'm not in control - see my next post!

    Wish we could all click our fingers, eh, Lady B!!