Wednesday, September 15, 2010


OK, very mild disappointments in the scheme of things – I’m just being a drama queen with my post titles.

I’d been all keyed up to jump on the scales today, after a week of being so virtuous with my food intake. And not too shabby with the exercise either. Well, so I thought – till I wrote it down.

Wednesday – 1 hour swim squad
Thursday - (errgh! can’t remember!)
Friday – , rode round block a few times to test leg. 1 hour swim squad.
Saturday – 46km bike ride.
Monday – 1 hour swim squad
Tuesday – 30 min walk up the beach

What a let down. No change at all. I know that my scales are only in 500g increments, but I was psyched up to get a repeat of last week’s 1kg loss.  Obviously not enough exercise and obviously still not good enough in the ‘energy in’ department’.

I know we will be getting stuck into it from Monday with both calorie intake, and the burning thereof… I guess I just thought that having cut back on all rubbish food might have made some difference. (This is where in the past I’d get depressed and give up – so at least this time I can’t do that.)   I suppose this is a message that I can’t ‘cheat’ with some things…

The other disappointment was that I got stuck on school canteen, and couldn’t get away to do my make-up swim squad.  The swimming has been so great for my calf muscle recuperation, and I’d made such progress on Monday (I was starting to be able to kick enough to do half a lap of drills) I was really looking forward to today.

When I got home I did get my MTB out, and I rode round and round the block for 6km/20mins (before the kids got home from school), so I guess that’s something I wouldn’t have done previously. I just would have moaned to myself that I missed my swimming.

After going for a walk up the beach yesterday afternoon, my recalcitrant knee – that has actually been behaving while my calf was bad-   decided to hurt.  I ended up taking a nurofen this morning, despite what I heard about nurofen and voltaren on the news last night.



Maybe I’m pushing it too much too soon, but I’m itching to get back out here. When I’ve got this beach on my doorstep, it’s not hard to choose ‘outdoor’ training over going to a gym…  I’m just kind of still waiting to know what guidance/directions I might get.

Also just waiting now for my ‘Crunch Time’ dvd to arrive.


  1. I'm exhausted just reading about what you've been doing Tracey! and here I was feeling really chuffed because I walked 4.5km this morning (and also Monday). Then DH decided to work from home today so I had to keep busy in an attempt to prove that I don't just drink cups of tea and sleep all day.
    Don't beat yourself up too much about it - I'm sure the scales will be kinder to you next time.
    Have joined the forum (code name WendyW). I have to say too that I'm very impressed with the Crunch Time cookbook. Very clear, well set out recipes and I like her approach to food - organic and ethical - a bit like me. That's probably the only resemblance.
    Read the nurofen link - just after I took 2. Old foot injury plays havock on some days and nurofen the only thing seems to work. oh well - I just make sure I drink plenty of water with it and keep fingers crossed! Keep up your good work - very inspiring stuff. Next time I'm sure you could manage some exercises at the tuckshop bench.

  2. 4.5 km is no walk in the park! So to speak! I have a DH at home for the next two days myself. Even though it's to get happening with renovation stuff, he's going to cramp my style! Maybe I can talk him into a bit of a ride first.

    Will have to check out this cookbook. Listen to all of us with our old injuries, aches and pains... age... pffft! Fingers crossed indeed.

    Tuckshop bench presses you reckon? Actually I think being on my feet in there all day hasn't helped. My calf is sore tonight. Tried to go for a bit of a walk while Ms 11 was at her tennis lesson and it was hurting. Talk about two steps forward, one step back- or is it the other way round?

    How are you going with catching up with all the other preseason tasks?