Tuesday, September 28, 2010


On Sunday we got working on our decking – which was derailed on Saturday because our bike ride used up all the sunshine and it rained in the afternoon.  Not much in the way of exercise happened, except for manhandling decking boards, and going up and down the stairs numerous times.  I don’t know that the triceps and biceps got that much of a workout operating the saw. (Yes, that was my job.)

triton                   decking1

I was already a bit sniffly in the morning – a southerly seems to bring out hayfever in me. By the late afternoon I got worse. Sawdust I thought. Blah.  My usual sinus and hayfever tabs didn’t work, and I had a crappy night’s sleep with a nose that ran like a tap. It’s not easy to sleep when you have to keep shoving tissues up your nose all night.

Yesterday was a write-off. Felt really crappy all day and I’ve derailed, big time, off the 12WBT track. No exercise, and eating stuff I shouldn’t be eating.

It doesn’t help that the menu this week makes me depressed – there are only about two recipes that appeal at all.  Not even the sandwiches. What’s with the sudden obsession with sandwiches all week?

I put up the notion of minestrone soup for dinner on Sunday, and it wasn’t welcomed.

So I bought pork steak medallions (super lean) – which were done on the BBQ. I hope there’s nothing too much wrong with this meal (for myself):

With homemade stewed apple. Pumpkin/sweet potato mash. Steamed veggies.

But last night I made my own Spag Bol recipe. I always make it with the leanest beef mince I can get, and it’s a family favourite. My kids love it better than any they’ve ever had in any Italian restaurants.  To sabotage it with frigging LENTILS would be akin to sacrilege.

I’d put dried chickpeas in to soak the other night – but they’re still there. The water’s gone frothy. Probably shouldn’t risk it.

But I’m getting quite hostile about all these blasted beans and lentils.

Well, that’s the food part – but I’ve also done no exercise for the past three days due to this being sneezy, sniffly, short of breath, headachy, and fending off a sore throat.  Before that, my iffy back was making it hard anyway.

So week 2 has been derailed somewhat.

I hope I can get it all back on track.  But after these last three days, I’m not exactly expecting any downwards shift on the scales tomorrow morning.


  1. Hi Tracey!
    I'm sorry that you are not feeling 100%, hope you feel better soon.
    Have you had a look at the 12WBT recipe list? You may be able to swap a few of the meals you don't like for some you do (for the same cals).
    Hoping you feel back on track tomorrow x

  2. Well I certainly did a few meal swaps this week too. Tough luck with the hay fever and all, but I'm sure that all those steps and general rouseabout labour would have burnt a few cals?!
    If you are having so many problems with the meals, I would highly recommend you spending a few more $$ and getting the Crunchtime Cookbook. If there are meals you don't like, you can easily swap with similar calorie ones in the book. I think the book has way more variety than any other *diet* book that I have read (and I've read a few!). I bought my book from Coles, but I think it's readily available at bookshops too. Don't get downhearted at this point! Having said that, I was just a little derailed myself this week, but I'm just really pleased that I'm eating smaller meals, saying no to at least a couple of temptations and pretty much thinker leaner. No big weight loss here, but I feel that next week will be better - maybe for you too.

  3. I hate lentils and legumes that are dried. Can't even handle rice puddings, or tapiocas. You are a better woman than I - and shrinking!

  4. Hey Jess.. yes I've looked at that 12WBT recipe list... Of course there are a few more options- I'm just in a funk about it! (Particularly with a Ms 17 who won't eat seafood, and a Mr who has to reduce his iron intake... and a ... me who is a bit of a fussbum too!)

    I think Wendy, you're right, the Crunch Time book will give me more options. If I see one when I'm out today I'll buy it.

    The only lentils I usually eat, Rhubarb, are the red lentils, and that's only been in a bacon and tomato soup that I make. I can't stand cannelini beans. Can't stand baked beans!

    Mini-loss at weigh in today, so it's positive reinforcement to clamber back on track.

  5. Yay for the mini-loss Tracey. And yay for the positive attitude. I have both of Michelles books and tomorrow for dinner I am cooking chicken drumsticks in a tomato based sauce. I love that we can mix and match as long as we stick to calories. It is so hard when you get pulled in many directions by the family but you will make it work. Mums are good like that! :) Good luck for the week ahead.