Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Preseason task #7. 
This is the given schedule of exercise to plan for:
5. Light fitness, core and stretch.
6. Fitness.

This is at once a great idea, and yet still difficult for me at this stage.

Firstly, as I'm still recovering from the torn calf muscle, I'm not sure I can do as much as I'd like.

Secondly, I'm not sure how to rate my swim squad for the 'fitness'. What constitutes core and stretch? Indeed, what constitutes 'fitness'?  How far/how long do I need to ride my bike?

Please don't tell me I need a heart rate monitor.. I can't justify buying one of them.. just yet.

And do I need to stick to that order? (ie. I have swim squad Mondays and Fridays,which aren't changeable.)

I have ordered Mish's dvd - It'S CRUNCH TIME! TIGHT TONED TERRIFIC.  Otherwise, I have my bike. And I am planning on just doing outdoor/indoor training. I have a great beach within 200m. There's a dune I can walk/run up (*calf just twinged thinking about that right now*) ... and some bush track stairs.

In my house I have two flights of stairs... (3 storey house.)

I'm hoping things become more clear as we start, and I can fill up my diary then.

Then there's the mini-milestones to set for weeks 4 and 8, and the major milestone for Week 12.

Giving myself physical challenges has not been my problem,  It's 'fuelling' my way through them, and then 'treating myself' for several days afterwards as a 'reward' that has been my downfall.

I'm kicking off my 12WBT with a 75km bike ride the day before Round 3 officially starts! Tell me... what on earth do I set as my mini and major milestones?

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