Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So it’s just occurred to me that I misread that recipe last night. In the whole catering for the whole family thing I lost sight of the fact that the recipes are ‘serves 2’ not ‘serves 1’.  Guess who doubled the calories last night then.  :(   For heaven’s sakes, Tracey…

The rest of the family had ‘normal’ homemade pizzas with the pita bread, and all turned up their nose at trying it with Ricotta. And Himself always looks a bit.. I don’t know.. disappointed (and underfed)… if dinner is something like homemade pizzas. *sighs*  And I only had tomato paste for them to use – nothing fancier, so he was looking a bit put out about that. Only redeeming thing was that I had olives for him. And a chilli.   (At least the girls went “Yummmmo” – mind you, we’re talking full-on mozzarella cheese here… and salami… *rolls eyes*) 

As for the actual recipe with me - I probably put less ricotta on than the recipe, and I added some capsicum, mushroom and a tiny bit of lo fat sundried tomato for taste.  With the ..*ahem* .. second one, I just put chopped up baby spinach on it (with the other toppings) before putting it in the oven. I didn’t really like it blanched.

Can’t believe I did that. No wonder I was feeling quite full. 

So, after that spectacular stuff up on Day 1… all I can do is look ahead. And note that I’m still eating better than I was. It was all the snacking that was putting the weight on. I’m on top of that now, but to lose weight, I’ll have to do better with the calorie control.

I haven’t got a Heart Rate Monitor yet…so I’ve really no idea about calories burnt. (after buying the runners, paying for the program, and all the blasted going out gear – and we also bought ourselves $90 Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge jerseys -  I’m thinking I need to hold back on the spending for a bit. Though Himself has been interested in getting one – more for keeping tabs on overexertion – at our tender age!)

I’ve never been keen on the idea of getting bogged down in counting calories – even though I know that it works. I just don’t think it’s a sustainable lifestyle thing for me to do – and if me losing weight/keeping weight off relied strictly on that, I know it would fall apart once the program was over.  I’d rather get the ‘feel’ for the amount and type of food – and these menu plans are starting to teach me that.    For now I’ve started looking up online calorie counters for a few things, which will help me. 

So yesterday I did my swim squad. I’m still not up to full-speed; just can’t quite kick hard with the leg, which is most frustrating, seeing that kicking has always been my strength. (Perhaps this time of not being able to rely on my legs has been good for my arms!) I’d normally power up the pool with the kickboard, but I’m still floundering.  I’m up to being able to do nearly 3/4 of the (25m) pool with drills (6 kick change, and 1 arm) – so I’m nearly back.

I also went for about a 1km brisk walk to the shop and back the long way. And started trying to do some of the exercises. Crap, my triceps are rubbish.  No way can I do 12. And my abs!  My back was already niggling yesterday, so trying to do a sit up only exacerbated things.  I reverted to doing the pre-beginner ab ‘flattening’ exercise I did learn when I went to a personal trainer. (You draw in your abs and flatten your back, and hold, so that you’d be able to hold a towel in there). I could feel that working, so I’d better put them down as extra homework each day.

So, yes,  I did once go to a personal trainer, but gave up as she just didn’t know how to deal with my back, and my consequent slower progress. If I couldn’t do something, or progress to a heavier weight as quickly as she thought (she’d bump up the weight so I’d never get a sense of satisfaction at having achieved something.  She couldn’t hide the frustration – almost disdain – especially when I didn’t look ‘happy’ while I was doing something.  Rolling your eyes, and narky comments kind of give that away.

So I have a bit of a wariness of gym equipment. And trainers.  I’m the only one who knows what my back feels like, so I have to look after myself.

Today I have scheduled the ‘Tight Toned Terrific’ DVD. Might head up first and take that BEFORE photo in the mirror – it’s too hard pinning someone else down to do it.  I have Ms 11 home from school today with a sore throat (sent her back to bed.) Had Ms 15 home yesterday. So much for having the place to myself….  And next week is school holidays, so I will have to work around them.

Not sure about dinner – don’t have a char grill, so that’s better as a weekend recipe when I can get Himself to BBQ. And one child doesn’t like avocado or corn.  (Hit the jackpot with that recipe then… not)  And tomorrow night?  There’ll be a mutiny if I only serve soup for dinner!  I’m already getting crap for having had only multigrain bread for sandwiches for the past week.

Hope everyone else did a bit better on their first day than me!!


  1. Trace, I nearly made the same mistake with the recipes as I thought it didn't look to be enough for 2 people. I was a bit hungry last night and I'm with you. Blanched spinach is disgusting. I've learnt for next time

  2. Linda, I'm actually thinking that even having two of them was probably less calories than a lot of things I could have eaten. (Plus maybe my pita bread was on the small side?!! :D) I can't see the point in blanching the spinach when it's fine chopped up, and baked along with the rest of it. Too bland just the spinach as well - I'm not understanding why there isn't a range of veggies included. I think I'll be combining what I learnt some 12 years ago from a nutritionist with the plans in this program...
    I also don't think it's good to be still hungry after a meal - then you're tempted to eat rubbish!