Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Never mind the weight loss – how about an overhaul for my brain?  Weigh in morning – and, on our old half kilo increment scales, it read 76.5.   This is a 2kg loss since I signed up – and just a half kilo loss since last Thursday, so I was happy about that.

Then for a minute just now I got all excited because according to my Ticker scale, it was a 1kg loss.  The bliss didn’t last long - signing in to update my stats on 12WBT, I remembered I was actually behind on the Ticker thingy… back to just a 0.5kg loss.  Which is all ok – I don’t mind losing the weight slowly and steadily.  Just… my brain?

And I’m not able to exercise at full impact yet (not even with my swim squad) so watch out!  Onwards and downwards.

I switched recipes around last night, and had the Chicken with mustard and tarragon. Yummo! The kids liked it too.  (Served with rice for the rest of them.) The DH said he liked it, then later I discovered he’d added some chilli sauce. WTF?  (As I commented elsewhere last night, one of the hardest parts about this is dealing with the rest of the family’s needs and wants….)  That recipe DID NOT need chilli sauce.  He’s becoming like the proverbial kid who adds tomato sauce to everything – only with him it’s chilli. *rolls eyes*

What is good is that I was totally happy with no rice – just the chicken and steamed veggies.  The supermarket didn’t have any squash or fresh tarragon – so I went without the squash, and used some dried tarragon.  I did add some cornflour to the sauce… hope that wasn’t a calorific no-no – but I thought it needed to thicken just a little.  The other bonus with that recipe was the way you cut the breast fillet in half horizontally. Genius! I’ve never done that before, and consequently tended to avoid breast fillets because they are too thick and dry.   So much for leftovers though – there was just one tenderloin left.

I liked the creamed corn on the wrap yesterday – a new wrap taste sensation! -  but I have so much creamed corn in the fridge now, I’m going to have to eat that on wraps for a week to use it up!  Seriously, my fridge is not big enough for all this stuff! These leafy green veggies take up so much room…  No way can I just do a weekly shop for a family of five!

I’m going to have to switch the menu around again. I won’t be able to serve up just cauliflower soup for dinner to my lot.


In the exercise department, yesterday I did the Tight Toned Terrific DVD.  Well, I did most of it.   I swear I never used to be so unco! One part I just couldn’t get the timing right.  (I guess this program is going to be good for my brain cells too!)  With my leg I had to mainly follow the low impact lead, although I could manage a bit more spring. The calf wasn’t too bad, so that was encouraging.   I have a lot of catch up to do with the abs – I can’t manage any of those! – so I’ve pulled some more basic ab exercises off the net, and I’ll work on them.  I also have to go and buy more hand weights – I didn’t get up to speed with my ‘gearing up’– and I only have one 1kg one, and one 2.5kg one in the house.  I think I had better get in some stealth training with the triceps as well.  :(

I went for a brisk walk up and down the beach in the afternoon – 2.5km , including some ‘up’ – a sand dune, and some bush track stairs.  I’m still not ready to break into a jog yet. Maybe I’m over-paranoid, but I’m just not going to risk stuffing up my calf.

This morning I got up early. (Not as early as I should have.. but still.. progress…) and went for a walk again.  Lower back was iffy, and the calf was tight… so I couldn’t even go at yesterday’s pace.   I think I’m better off with a hot shower to warm my muscles up first. I am lucky as I don’t have to be anywhere in the daytime, so it’s not like I can’t do this stuff during school hours.  Today I have swim squad again.  Mind you, I also need to factor in the cooking as well (as I have to take Ms 11 to her tennis lesson this afternoon).  And all the other things I’ve been ignoring while I’ve been obsessing over this.

You guys who are working as well? I take my hat off to you.

I know I could be more on top of everything with a better set of scales, and a heart rate monitor to measure calories burnt, but I guess as I’m seeing downwards results, I can be happy.  I just can’t justify spending more money at the moment.

I’m trying to decide whether to post the Before shots here. I got Ms 11 to take them for me.  Urrghh… did a sideways one… That’s enough to convince anyone that I do indeed have weight to lose. And abs to work on.

OK.. I’m going out on a limb here…  THIS is why I am doing this program… THIS is why I need to lose weight:


(That’s the outfit I settled for the other night. God, I look so … portly. Matronly…)

I’m putting this out here as extra INCENTIVE.

Onwards and DOWNWARDS!


  1. Well I think you are doing very well. Aside from the pita pizza. Are you sure you bought medium ones? We had them last night and they went down pretty well. The Others had extras, but I was very virtuous and stuck to recipe - except I threw in a bit of feta as well. It was l.fat!

    I agree about the fridge and shopping. Luckily we have a rather extensive vegie garden so I can pick some things fresh. I'm counting that as exercise too as I'm working so much in there lately. Making the most of this grey weather before it gets too hot.

    You've brave with the photos (and not so big)(def. not portly/matronly). This from someone who isn't even brave enough to have her own blog and has to take up lots of space on someone else's blog ... lol.

    I have lost a wopping .3kg but am hoping for a better result next weigh in. I'm still getting over the *obese* reading I got in the BMI rating (on main M.Bridges website). Apparently BMI agrees that losing 20kg would put me in the Healthy range. Oh well.

  2. I agree with the fridge - I think I need to get another one just for green things - lol. My family have been very supportive and I am also just cooking one meal (Michelle's) and adding in extra meat or rice or pasta for the boys. So far so good.

    *hugs* for your bravery on putting up your before photos. I have taken mine and the side and back ones were enough to make me put them in a draft post and maybe it will get published later. When I have some nice after ones to put with it. LOL.

    Have a great week and keep smashing it through.

  3. Hey Wendy - that's a good start! You only signed up a week ago (if that?) I hadn't been on Michelle's official site - Hmmm... the tools... The BMI was kind of as I expected. I know I'm fortunate not to have to lose as much as some - still classified as 'overweight' tho'. Confronting to get the label- know what you mean.

    I found her Calorie Expenditure chart. It's a bit sobering... (without a heart rate monitor to count calorie burning like many others)... Not doing enough exercise yet to really kick butt.

  4. Hi Margaret... great that your family are supportive. It's not that mine aren't.. but they're a bit wary. No great accolades about the lasagna tonight... though Ms 11 did concede that it didn't taste as boring as 'healthy' food.

    I could use the fridge in the back shed, but I'd probably forget stuff was there!

    I decided to be "brave" to give myself more incentive. Rather confronting.

    Hope you have a good week too!