Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Trying not to get too excited. Could put it down to an aberration. Or a natural fluctuation. But I just (with baited breath) hopped on the scales. (Given I've been too scared to hop on the scales for the past year, this was an achievement in itself.)

1kg less than the same time last week!! 

This is such positive reinforcement!!  If I can lose 1kg in a week with limited mobility, and just being a hell of a lot better with what I put in my mouth, then I can move mountains once we start this program officially. For once, it all doesn't seem so impossible.

Riding round the block felt ok yesterday, and so I pushed it and rode to a friend's place - which involved a little bit of up and down. It was only about 3km there and back, so nothing in the scheme of my usual riding distance.... The downside is that later my anklebone (on the inside) got sore and red. WTF?   At my last physio appointment today he said it would be related - that the tendons are still trying to compensate. Recommendation: be patient another week with the bike riding.  *insert sad, frustrated face here*

Still... I have my swimming, and I'm about to head out to that right now.


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