Thursday, September 2, 2010


Signing up is already helping in the eating department. I already don't want to sabotage my investment, so yesterday and today I've been very good about what I've put in my mouth. Mind you, I've gone through days before when I've been really really good, and then I've fallen pretty damn quickly off the wagon.

Building up the physical activity is a bit more tricky. I tore a calf muscle two weeks ago, and while it's improved heaps, I'm still not able to do much on it at the moment. Walking almost normally (albeit still carefully, and not too quickly) is an achievement.

I went back to my swim squad on Monday - did probably 20 mins worth, a mixture of pool buoy, and swimming without kicking much. The wetsuit type calf protector that I bought is too short and too tight, so when I went again yesterday (I have a few classes to make up now!)- I ended up wearing the material compression bandage. So I did twice as much, alternating again between the pool buoy and half-flutter kicking. Using the pool buoy ended up putting pressure on my pectoral muscles (I think - either that or I was having heart problems!)

Not quite ready to get back into riding - a real bummer, as we had only (finally) got back on the tandem about three weeks prior. Hopefully it won't be much longer - pedalling is a more controlled movement, so as long as he carries me up the hills, we might be ok. Maybe Saturday next week?

Next posts: More background, and then getting stuck into My Excuses, and My Goals.


  1. I am looking forward to reading more! I love hearing about swimming - I've done the running thing so swimming is next! lol

  2. Thanks Jenifer.. Well I'm impressed that you can run! Good luck with the swimming. You can do it! (Read my Swim Junkie piece - linked on the right there). Ten years ago if you'd suggested I'd be into swimming I would have scoffed!