Saturday, September 25, 2010


…well, not like some seem to be managing… with all the gym class stuff that I’m reading about on 12WBT blogs and twitter.    (Plus I don’t have a HRM to actually measure calories “smashed”).  But that actual concept has now entered my vernacular – even if only in my head.

Last night at swim squad (once my back stopped screaming at me – about half way through) I really felt up to going hard – harder than I’ve felt able to for ages! 

Part of that is that my joints (that were hassling me for a quite a few months – yes, I’m quite a crock in my old age..) are finally behaving. (Maybe the glucosamine and fish oil tabs are finally kicking in..)  And even though my calf isn’t yet 100% (I can’t quite kick only) – I’m feeling better in the pool than I’ve felt for a long time.  (Maybe not being able to kick so much has given my usually weak arms some added training.)

Throw in the 12WBT psychological approach, and Michelle’s use, again and again, of the term “smash it” has now got me all hyped up to really go hard.  “Smash it, Tracey, smash it…”   All over as simple a concept as going harder to burn those calories. Can’t think why I never thought of that before!

I’m so lusting after a heart rate monitor. Thing is, I still need to control (and count) calories in – and I’m being a bit too flexible, maybe, with the menu.  I’ve had to mix it about so much to cater to the family, AND to my own likes and dislikes, that I’m a bit in danger of losing control.  Even though I’m still not eating junk, I’m possibly slipping in a few too many snacks (healthy as they may be), and of course, those calories still count.

At least the family have had a more interesting menu. I think I was in a real rut with the meals – week in, week out, cycling through the same old things.  If nothing else, they’re getting some variety.

The cauliflower soup ended up being a bit of a hit. “One of the best soups I’ve ever had,” said Himself.  That’s a big call.  He thought it could have been a bit spicier (I toned down the chilli for the sake of the rest of us.. and, as I said last post, he’s getting a bit overboard with the chilli.  He’ll probably leave me one day for someone who cooks hot and spicy food…)  The girls have admitted that despite their misgivings, it was actually pretty good. I think I might have been the only one who was a bit ‘meh’ about it – but I think that was because it didn’t appeal as the only thing I had for dinner. (I ate it early as I had to go to a meeting at the school at 7.00, and by the time I got back I couldn’t help but eat some of the roasted veggie and cous cous I’d left for the others…)

I made the avocado/capsicum/corn salsa thingy last night to go with bbq’d steaks.  I thought it was pretty good, actually… Not sure that the rest of them were as impressed.  At least I was able to schedule it for a night when The Fussiest One (who doesn’t like corn or avocado) wasn’t home.

Tonight I counted as ‘treat’ night, but I just did some marinated chicken breast (cut in half horizontally like I learnt with the Week 1 chicken recipe!) with salad, and mashed orange sweet potato. Had some new potatoes for the others, but didn’t bother myself. That’s because I’ve had one small glass of wine. (I was calling it a half a glass till Himself pointed out that it was more like 2/3.) Now I feel guilty. But I’m also starting to feel those niggles of resentment from being so damn good. If my ‘treats’ can be minimal, and in control, than there is less risk of a big blowout. (Right?)

I’ve had a quick peek at the Week 2 menu. There are a few things that don’t appeal at all, so I guess I’m going to have to get creative. [Actually, I’ve had another look, and I’m a bit disturbed – there are about 2 meals there that appeal… so I’m not quite sure what to do.]

Meanwhile… the exercise factor is going to have to take a bit more care of my back.  Just attempting sit ups fires up my lower back. And I had to pass on a few parts of the Tight Toned Terrific DVD on Thursday, because I could feel my back going on me. This has always been my big problem – I need to build up my abs, to help prevent my back from getting sore – but the process of doing so fires up my back. Catch 22 or something.

That wall brace test in the Fitness Test was a shocker for me. (Yes, I am pointing the finger at that one a bit.) Plus pushups.  The way my back is feeling, I’m not game to attempt the tricep dips at the moment either..  So I’m a bit in limbo with all of that.  Chiro visit coming up during the week I think.

By the time I went to bed last night, the endorphins had worn off from the swimming, and my back was grizzling again. It wasn’t quite as bad this morning; we decided to give our usual Saturday morning tandem ride a miss (mainly because of the school holiday traffic on the highway) and so we went out and rode for about 1 hour 45 on our MTBs.  Probably half of it was road, but we did some  bush tracks – which might reduce our average speed, but they sure as hell bump up my nervous energy.  My legs are sore tonight, but my back feels a lot better (my chiro reckons cycling is good for your back, as long as you’re not hunched over too much).  And I’m tired.  So I’m working on the assumption that I might just have ‘smashed it’ a bit.

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  1. Sounds like you're smashed a few cals.
    What a big week you've had and oh so good on the food side of things. 2/3glass? shheessshh don't beat yourself up about that one! I reckon that bike ride would have worked that off. I'm going to start swimming after school hols. have finished!