Friday, September 10, 2010


Yesterday wasn't such a good day 12WBT-wise - but I have to remind myself that it's still "preseason".  The leg hurt a bit, and so I didn't get round to doing any sort of exercise on it - unless walking through the shopping plaza counts.

And then I failed with the food resolve. Had a piece of thick style raisin toast. With butter. (Now buying  'lite'-er butter - does that help?*)  The raisin toast is probably something I should have thrown out as per Kitchen makeover Task, but I actually just bought it. The girls have to have something to eat when they come home from school, and that is supposed to be better than biscuits or cake. Right?

[* I'm trying as much as possible to avoid butter altogether - eg. I just had a piece of wholegrain toast, with mashed banana on it. But sometimes butter is what it takes. And I hate margarine.]

Still... I felt a bit icky after it - so I think I can turn it into a positive.  You know, like when you've eaten KFC, then regret it so much afterwards, you don't have it again for 12 months!

I've had some brown rice in the fridge which I've used to mix up with some chicken and salad for lunch. It feels wholesome and healthy to eat - and I figure that the rice helps fill you up a bit more. What I learnt from that, though, is that I shouldn't have it on a day I plan to have rice for dinner as well. I had great intentions of having some heated-up brown rice while the others had jasmine rice - but suddenly the thought of more brown rice was so unappealing to me, I relented and ate the bloody jasmine rice too.

Other than that, I resisted all other temptations, particularly when walking around the supermarket.  With this current  12WBT preseason 'virtuosity', I am realising just how much crap I was slipping in...   The "oh, just one bit of chocolate won't hurt..." syndrome.  And as I walked through the bakery section at Woollies, I recalled how many slices of honey roll, or similar, that I had been known to polish off in one sitting.

So even though yesterday I wasn't perfect, I was still so much better  than I have been in the past.

Moving forward!!!  ;)

I am still trying to decide about purchasing a workout video. And then yesterday I was eyeing off the Wii Fit Plus bundle. Would I use it? Can I justify the expense?

I'm sure we are going to need variety with the 12WBT program - which I will want to continue after the 12 weeks.

What to do... what to do....?


  1. Have you tried the ... some things are ok if I have small portions?
    One suggestion I often see is to use a smaller plate so you serve yourself less but you don't feel deprived and then there is the ... drink water before a meal fill up faster.

    You'll do it. Just don't get crazy or expect it all to work out in the first few weeks. Consider yourself a work in progress.

  2. Definitely portion control is something I have to work on. I know that we will be getting heaps of advice and info on this once the program starts officially. I'm just getting quite carried away with my "enthusiasm" now.