Thursday, September 23, 2010


I snuck onto the scales again this morning, basically because I think it was a Thursday last week that I’d weighed in, so I wanted to get a ‘one week’ weigh. 75.5? How can it be one kilo down from yesterday? Well.. I’ll take it. Because it’s the one bright light in the midst of a whole lot of wondering. Ticker scale now shows a 3kg loss. (I hope that doesn’t come back to bite me with an increase…)

Himself told me he was going the other way… I refrained from pointing out that I’d noticed that while I was restraining, I’d been watching him wolf down lots of stuff. (If I was anymore paranoid than I already am, it would have been easy to tell myself he’d been taunting me… NO, I know that’s not true… but still….  Also, he’s in between Touch seasons, so less exercise happening than usual.)


I’ve been looking at the workouts that other 12WBTers are doing each day, and feeling a bit inadequate.

I’m wanting a heart rate monitor – but, honestly.. I just can’t justify it at the moment. Just wrote out two cheques this morning - $180 for the balance of Ms 11’s school excursion, and $135 for the three of us to go to Ms 17’s Year 12 Formal.  On top of the shoes, (and the stupid outfit)… I keep telling myself I will just have to wait.  It would be so cool though!

I looked at the Calorie expenditure chart on Michelle’s official website and wondered how many bloody hours of exercise I really need to do! A one hour session of anything isn’t enough to burn off 1200 calories, especially at the moment when I’m still limited by this stupid leg.  And that’s if I’m managing to stick to that, seeing I’m rebelliously trying to flex it to suit my own lifestyle and family situation. I am sure I’m not keeping to the 1200. Totally my fault, I know. I’m going to have to be a bit more strict with it.

I’m going to do the fitness test next. I could actually sit back and predict exactly my results now.  Can’t run yet, so absolutely BEGINNER with the time trial. Push-ups are rubbish: BEGINNER.  Abs are even more rubbish. Is there a PRE-BEGINNER?  I’ve been trying to do ‘bracing’ exercises to start working them, because that’s all I can do without firing up my back.

OK, the only thing I’m not sure of is the Wall sit.  I think I’ll do ok in the Sit and Reach because I have long arms! *makes monkey noises*

What I want to know is where is the cycle and swim test?!!

It’s quite bizarre.. at our swim squad I might be slower than some of them in my class, so in some of the sets I’ll get way less rest – I might only get 5 seconds to others’ 10-15 seconds. But at the end, they’re saying ‘OMG, that killed me’, and I’m all ‘Hey, that was great!’  I don’t really understand it.  And they’re whingeing about doing 75’s or 100’s, and I’m really quite fine with it.

Our squad is in a 2-lane 25m pool, and sometimes we have up to 8 of us in the class, going round and round. It’s a bit of a pain in the long sets as the fast guys overtake you, so you get less laps, and have to stop and let them pass. It’s been more frustrating lately with my leg, as I try to slot in down the back.  When they do the warm up with fins (and I can’t use fins at the moment) I have trouble slotting in amongst them.  So I have to wear that. But the most annoying thing yesterday was this (triathlete clad) girl who is fairly new to the classes. She was a bit faster than me with freestyle, but, even with my leg, I was better on the drills.  So we were doing a bit of a leapfrog thing…  Me in front of her with the drill sets. Her in front of me with the freestyle. We’d done some shorter freestyle sets.. and the next one was a 200m. The others set off… she’s in front of me at the start of it… and decides to stop and clarify with the instructor what we’re doing!!!  Gah!  (Or “JFG!!!” I wanted to scream! ) So I only got to fit in 6 laps, not the 8. 

And on another set the coach said “have a rest”.. and I said “I don’t want to rest, I want to work hard!!!!”

This is why I know that my swim squad has me working harder than if I was just ‘swimming laps’!!!

Maybe I got a bit carried away yesterday… my calf was a bit sore last night.. but I think today it’s ok.

It’s bloody good for your aerobic fitness, I swear.

I know I keep plugging it, but I did get an article published about my swim squad ‘addiction’:

swimjunkieI’ve been going twice a week for the past eight years.  The coach was saying yesterday how he remembered when I took 45 seconds to do 25m, and now I can hold 25 seconds.  I remember not being able to swim the length of the pool with a pool buoy between my legs (distinctly remember stopping, spluttering, half way down the pool, and throwing it.)  Now I don’t blink if we have to do 200m of ‘pull’.  

I’m going to miss it these next two weeks during school holidays when the centre is closed!

Anyway.. today. Better get happening with the fitness test AND the dvd. And figuring out dinner, when I have to go up to school for a 7pm parent teacher meeting about next term’s Year 6 excursion.


  1. Tracey - I think you're doing really well! and the article is great too - has got me a bit enthused about swimming again. I too was a keen swimmer and watched at swimming classes and squad. Cried when my son said he wanted to give up swimming and play footy instead. Still I have done any serious swimming for some time and haven't even dipped my toe in for a while. Must do must do!
    BTW I have just started a blog. Don't know if it will show up here or not (bit confused actually). Anyway - I've done it!

  2. Woo hoo, Wendy - yep, the blog works, I've been there, commented, followed you, and added you to my blog list!

  3. Thanks Tracey - hey I have a follower!
    Just thinking about your swimming - did you watch the live podcast? where she specifically mentioned swimming (for someone who wasn't able to do much else?). Michelle counted it as a strength exercise, as opposed to toning - so you must be burning calories .. right?

  4. Hey don't worry about what other people are doing as it always looks like they are smashing 1000s of calories a day lol

    You don't have to burn off 12oo in an hour lol.. Mish says aim for about 500 in your sessions...sometimes strength sessions use less but burn for longer.


  5. Oh, I missed that bit of the live podcast Wendy - I was watching it, then Himself arrived home, and I wandered off and forgot about going back to catch up somehow. I've really got extra impetus now to swim hard in my squads - got Michelle's voice saying 'Smash it' in my head! Burn those calories baby!

    Hey Kat.. yeah, I realise you can't burn off 1200 in an hour, but that means that effectively you need to do around 2 hours worth of exercise doesn't it? I'm not managing that...

  6. Yes 1200 would take around 2 hours I think .But you don't have to burn that much of.. aim for about 500cals per session for your hour.
    Only have to do around 45-hour of exercise. SS is the only day for the smash up try to do 1000cals session.

    Your BMR comes into it with the burning of calories and weight loss as well. So you don't have to burn off the full 1200 you eat.