Thursday, October 7, 2010


I decided to give the walk/jog thing a miss today. What’s the opposite of positive reinforcement? That’s what I was getting for my efforts to teach myself how to jog – carefully – along with a good hard walk.   Pfft. Plus my hamstrings were feeling it yesterday afternoon. Not a bad idea to give them a break.

We had sun today! So I pulled my road bike out of the shed, and decided to go out for half an hour at least. In the end I did about 57mins – and I went round the block a couple of times at the end just to bring up the 20km! (Casually, to get rid of the lactic acid, you know! – you’ve seen them on the Commonwealth Games!)

I pushed it more than I would have done pre-12WBT, so I hope I burned a reasonable amount of calories. Got wet – the rain just won’t leave us alone. But then it came out sunny and muggy again, so being wet was quite welcome.


In the absence of a HRM to measure calories “smashed”, vital stats were: Trip distance: 20.16km, time 57mins, av speed 21.14kph (there was a hill!), max speed 52.7 kph, Total climb 249m, total descent 249m (there’s a good little hill when you come back along that bottom road.)  Road rage incidents:1 Downpours:1. Dropped chain: 1.   Punctures? (my usual anxiety): 0.  Feeling smashed? – yes.

I did feel like I’d exerted myself a heck of a lot more than on my walks.

Fingers crossed the weather will be good for Saturday morning, even if the thought of getting up in the dark at 5am isn’t appealing. We’ll drive into town and do the Coffs Coast Community Ride – a great local initiative started a few years back. Cyclists of all levels assemble at 6.30am in the city centre, and head out, in groups according to their ability. Ride for 90mins, then meet back for coffee.   Lately our preference has been to ride our tandem into town to meet up with everyone at 8am. Much more civilised! Plus we actually do 46km (averaging about 28-30kph) – so we actually ride more than if we do the ride itself (plus we don’t have a carbon footprint!) But the highway between home and town is now being upgraded, and despite the 80kph zones, there are lots of concrete barriers, and parts now with no shoulder whatsoever. We’ll have to have a think about it for next week, but school holiday traffic rules it out this week.

I tend to convince Himself to take our single bikes when we just do the Community ride. We’ll ride in different groups, but I don’t enjoy riding the tandem as much when we are amongst the more serious ‘roadies’ in the ‘A’ group, especially the women who look down their nose at me. (They don’t ‘get’ the tandem – and have feminist hangups about being ‘in control’, so their attitude makes me feel like they think I’m just a passenger on the back.  Little do they realise that if they (being stronger cyclists than I am) were on the back of a tandem instead of me, they would really smash it.)  …

I have ridden in ‘A’ group – there were times in the past when we would get up early, ride our tandem into town for the 6.30 start, and then smash ourselves riding in the A group (which, with boys being boys, would often involve some sprinting, with a few of the other (guy) riders coming to appreciate what an awesome draft you can get on the back of a tandem hooning along a slight downhill at more than 50kph.)   We’d get back, have coffee and food, then back up for the 23km ride home. Sometimes we’d total 90km – all before 10am. Strangely enough I usually felt like a zombie the rest of the day, particularly when I had to stand around in the netball canteen till 3.00!

Well, this Saturday won’t be quite so mammoth! Although it would count as a Super Saturday, wouldn’t it?

The major change since 12WBT is that I won’t be getting my usual fried egg on toast at the cafe.  (Or worse! – used to be bacon and eggs on toast!) I’ll take along a piece of that banana cake, and stick to a coffee. 


  1. Well good luck for sat and hopefully it wont be raining for you. i have no idea how to do a SSS. i just do my normal exercise.
    i have no idea what to do for my mini milestone but have a week to think about it

    Keep up the good work

  2. I don't know what to do for my mini-milestone either. Pity we don't live near each other, we could do it together....