Wednesday, October 6, 2010



Found this t-shirt today. It was rather provident – and timely-  I think.

(So I’m using this for the #BestVersionOfMe comp for 12WBT Week 3.)

Got Ms 17 to take a few photos.

Then I went out for a run!

(OK, so I can’t exactly say that…yet…  I went out for a good hard walk with even more jogging bits. I’m building it up, gradually and gently, so I don’t bugger up my hips and back.)

It’s also notable in that it’s a size smaller shirt than I’d usually pick up (from Big W!) – and … I actually look ok in it! First bloody photo of me in a long while that is actually kind of OK.

I think that’s a sign.

And even though I was in a funk about the weigh in this morning, I DIDN’T RESORT TO COMFORT EATING!

That is being a much better version of me!


  1. photo is great and a great idea....thinking of what i can do today but not sure hmmmmm....might get my kids to take a photo of me doing something. Even hubby who is usually good with suggestions couldnt give me one but take a photo of me on the weights at gym....

  2. Great photo and ... gosh - I think you've lost weight?!

  3. I love it. You have so nailed it and you look absolutely awesome. Yay!