Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well, I was actually getting on track. A good week on the scales last week – down to 74kg - so when you ignore the previous week’s blip, it was a 1kg loss over 2 weeks. (And 4 – 4.5kg overall since I signed up to 12WBT.)  Onwards and downwards, tally ho!  I was happy with that. Fitting into clothes I’d grown out of – and people starting to comment.  And yes, more focus on the doing than the writing about it.  (Although perhaps I’ve just spent more time on Twitter than doing anything else..)

I had some scepticism about the Mini Milestone for last weekend, because I don’t feel like I need to prove anything in that department. With me it’d be more of a milestone to NOT stuff my face after a big lot of exercise.

So I decided that I should embrace it anyway – for that reason if nothing else.

Saturday I got up early (Himself was away playing Touch), and went in to the Community Ride.  I forgot my bike computer, but it was the same route. 31km over around 90mins, with the breather in the middle at the headland.  I felt like I rode a bit better than the previous week, but it’s hard to tell.

Then in the afternoon, essentially, I bit off more than I could chew, and chewed like buggery. (An old family saying, that one.) And I dragged @chookling (aka Amelia), another local 12WBTer into it!  We decided on a hike – up in the hills behind where I live.  Perhaps 20km was a bit ambitious. As was the route that I came up with – some of which I hadn’t covered before…. 

I deliberately put big hills in there.



That part I had walked before – though there seemed to be more sections like this than I remembered!

We had left nearly an hour later than planned – and at the top of this trail I did suggest perhaps we could revise the route. Amelia said she was ‘up for anything’ - or words to that effect..  whatever, it served to make me not want to be a wuss!

Well, wusses we weren’t.

Crazy we probably were…

We negotiated fallen trees on the track…  (that’s chookling)


About 10 mins past this.. I suddenly realised that I’d lost my sunnies – my bike riding glasses no less. So we backtracked, and fortunately found them amongst all that foliage.

We then headed down sections similar to those we had climbed earlier. Only with loser screed. Like ball bearings. I went *thump* on my hip and elbow. (Drawing blood on the elbow – I only later discovered the bruise on my hip.) And I tore the map I was carrying in my hand. (Later Himself asks why the hell I didn’t take the map case – my answer was that I actually didn’t think I’d have to use the map much.)


We got down to this creek, but then couldn’t find the track that was supposed to lead downstream.  I think we ended up further upstream than I intended. After rooting around the banks for a while, we cut our losses, got our feet wet, and walked up a track on the other side.  It brought us out on a more major forest road, which I recognised from past mtb exploits. I knew where we were – the problem was that we were even further from home than I wanted to be.

That road eventually led back to the highway, but by that stage we’d been out for more than 4 hours, and it was after 6pm!

In desperation I called home, and got my daughter (who doesn’t yet have her licence) to call a friend who did. And the $10 I insisted on paying this friend to drive us home was worth every cent.

By that stage my hips were decidedly wonky. I’m not quite sure how I made it through the evening – making up chicken burger patties for dinner, but getting the girls to do the rest. I’m pretty proud of the restraint I showed with eating – normally after flogging myself to that extent I’d become a gobbledok!

Thankfully I pulled up ok on Sunday, muscle-wise. I was just bone weary, so I gave the exercise a rest, and was pretty restrained with the food. Again, a significant achievement.

Monday I was back in the pool for swim squad, and I also spent an hour mowing lines on touch footy fields.

Tuesday, and karma or something has slapped me in the face again. How’s this for a bitter irony?…  I went upstairs mid-morning to change into some ‘workout gear’ (having been in daggy painting gear painting primer on verandah posts) so I could do the Tight Toned Terrific DVD.

And I smashed my toe – my little toe – into the timber leg of the bed.


I expected it to ease off – but it didn’t.  It kept throbbing. No way I could do the DVD.  I had to go to town to pick up a birthday present for Ms 12 (it’s her birthday today)… and after hobbling through the plaza in pain, I went over to the nearby medical clinic, and got in to see a doctor – as I thought I might have broken it.

He reckons it’s just badly bruised…. so the usual – ice, compression (ie. keep wearing shoes), elevation, etc etc. REST.



So as you can imagine, I’m not a happy vegemite.  (To the point where I keep dissolving into tears of frustration – and, yes, just sheer self pity..) 

Of course this coincides with a major ‘red flag’ event -  a birthday in the house..  Last night was the birthday girl choice family dinner, as the older two will be out playing netball late tonight.  BBQ’d sausages (I bought a range, and only got lean ones for me…), snowpeas, carrots. Pasta for them. (Sweet potato mash for me.)  I had a couple of bits of this cheesy tortellini I’d had for her for ages – she’s such a pasta freak.   And there was a cheesecake and honeycomb icecream.  I had a teeeeeeny bit of that…

And I paid for it this morning on the scales. Back UP half a kilo. Yes, yes, the scales are 0.5kg increment ones. But on Sunday morning they were flickering onto 73.5 (before settling on 74), and this morning they were a definite 74.5. 

Not what I needed.

Tonight we are taking Ms 12 and her friend out to the local pizza place for dinner.  She was very upset that she’s had to spend all her birthday at another school as part of the school debating team. (So she wasn’t even going to see her best mate.) Hence the meal out…. hence… putting myself in a difficult food choice situation.

And wondering how the hell I am going to burn calories off today.  I can go to swim squad, but I can’t kick (AGAIN, FFS…), and it’ll be hard slotting in between all the faster swimmers if I try to do laps with a pool buoy.  I can’t turn up and swim laps after that class for half an hour because I have to pick Ms 12 up from this debate day at 3.00. My only option is to head up there earlier and hope that I can get a bit done.

Otherwise I don’t know what the heck to do.

Not happy Jan.


  1. Tracey that looks so sore and painful. Hope all heals well really quickly

  2. Oh dear. Oh bugger. What a pain! I can only commiserate with you and suggest that if you give yourself a bit of a rest and fixate on the eating only, you might still have a win. Still, deliberately stubbing your toe was a bit of an extreme way to get out of exercise I think (joke)

  3. Just wanted to send you a great big <> because you sound like you need one! What an epic adventure you've had!