Monday, October 4, 2010


oct2010 We’ve had around 250mm of rain over this long weekend. This was what the radar looked like earlier today – a public holiday Monday – for which we had grand plans to make some more progress on the renovations.

Himself is spewing at his wasted days off work.

<<  (We live right under that lower ‘yellow’ cell.)

And it just hasn’t let up all day…  (even yesterday we got that bit of a break in the afternoon when I went for a walk)..

With a long weekend comprehensively stuffed like this, normally I would have slothed around and probably eaten myself silly with ‘comfort food’.

Instead, I’ve been really controlled with the food. And, even if I’ve pretty much hung around the computer most of the day, I’ve just done the Tight Toned Terrific DVD.   A ‘fitness’ (as opposed to ‘toning’) workout for today is just totally out the window, really. (Holiday time so no swim squad, which is what I’ve usually got down for Mondays.)   I’ll just have to make up for it tomorrow. Weather bloody permitting.

It’s a bit of a challenge doing a workout DVD on a day when the family are hanging around home.  I put it on a laptop, and carted it around the house, trying to find space. Our bedroom on the top floor has a heap of room, but my shoes squeaked hideously on the floorboards….  So I came down to our ridiculously large kitchen, and did my best there – after instructing Himself – sitting at the dining room table - not to laugh at me, and not to make comment on Michelle’s instructions and commentary.  And then I went back upstairs again to do the floorwork – but didn’t get away with it without Ms 17 happening upon me and making smart remarks.

This DVD is still a challenge for me. With the cardio, I’m a bit better than totally low impact, but I’m still wary of my recovering calf muscle, and my stupid knee joints.  And, of course, the stupid back and hips.  When I ‘jog’ too hard, I can feel it in my hips.. so I’ve definitely got a goal to (carefully) work towards there before I can really say I’m doing it at full tilt.

I’ve still got to nail the timing in some of those cardio sets too.  I used to pride myself on being coordinated with stuff like that, but I rather seem to have lost that skill over the past twenty to thirty years!  Bonus brain workout! Keeping dementia at bay at the same time perhaps?

And those bloody push ups, and the abs… well, a long way to go there – but I managed to progress a little bit more today…  It’s rather demoralising knowing that I’m ‘pre-beginner’ level with abs.  But, I’m going to just chip away at it. One day I may actually be able to do the first ab exercise she does…

So.. anyway… I’m feeling all endorphin-y now, so I must have done something. And that something is a whole lot better than what I used to be – on a rainy day holiday Monday like this.

If anyone would like some rain, you can HAVE IT.


  1. I have spent most of the week under that yellow cell too. Bloody wet!

  2. Wow - impressive rain cell.
    Well done on the DVD - although it sounds like you got most of your activity moving around the house to get some privacy!