Monday, October 11, 2010


I want the t-shirt!

So I’ve just watched the Week 4 video. As always they make a lot of sense. Of all the tips, though, JFDI is the one I most need to take on board – not only with the weight loss/exercise, but with the rest of my life. I have quite a few tasks that I’ve been prevaricating around for ages… so, with the resolve I’m getting out of 12WBT, I really must apply it all to everything else.

Meanwhile things are going ok.  I’ve not fallen off the wagon with the food.. Still maintaining the willpower with wine and beer, cake,  chocolate bars etc.

I do have one little thing I do – I don’t know whether it’s WWMD approved, but it works for me. I have a block of Cadbury mildly dark chocolate, broken up into single squares (around 25 calories each – I looked it up.) And they are in a container, hidden (from the kids) in the back of the freezer.  Every few days, I might have ONE, and it totally satisfies my chocolate cravings.  Perhaps the ideal is never to have a piece of chocolate cross my lips ever again, but I don’t think that’s doable for me. This stops me from having a binge attack. Honestly, every time I go through a supermarket, or stop at a servo, I realise how often I’ve made that impulse ‘I need it’ chocolate bar buy in the past.  This way, 26 calories gets it out of my system for another few days.

I did get a bit out of whack with the exercise program last week. On Friday (rather than Thursday) I did the Tight Toned Terrific DVD – this time with my Ms 11. It was cool to do it with her. Could have done without the comments from the peanut gallery (aka Ms 15), but she’s going through that slightly obnoxious ‘image is everything’ teenage girl phase.  I managed a bit more of the push ups AND the abs – so, slowly but surely I’m building up. Just ever so paranoid about stuffing up my back yet again– so slowly but surely it will have to be.

communityrideBSaturday morning we got up early and went into town for the Community Bike ride.  I did 31km in the 90 mins we were out. (Total climb 286m)  Not breaking any average speed records, but I worked at it. 

I know it doesn’t mean much, but I plotted the route on – so I’ve put the picture in – just to break up the screeds of wordiness of the post!

It’s the standard B group ride – we start (at the top there) in the city centre, then head south to Sawtell Headland. Stop for a breather, then head back a slightly varied route, which includes a few hills, and a detour around a path that overlooks the harbour.  I tend not to stick with the group – I don’t really like riding in a pack. On Saturday I rode all the way with another friend, and I really enjoyed it.

My darling OH did 10km more in the same time in A group.  When we talked about how I went up the hills (I’m a bit of a hill slug – slower than this friend, who is a bit older – in her 50s, but as I said to her “I think I’m carrying around 20kg more! And you have pocket rocket legs!.) DH said to me “Yeah, you ARE pretty slow up the hills.”  Great encouragement, huh.   I guess we all know who carries us up all the hills on the tandem then.

I can only chip away at it.

The rest of Saturday I had to deal with my nemesis – that seemingly insatiable appetite after I’ve done a decent ride, and which has been the cause of my weight gain over the past five or six years despite doing all this crazy riding.  Finally, thanks to 12WBT twitter support and suggestions (when I went online and whinged!) I had some fruit and yoghurt (and some muesli). I realised I hadn’t had the fruit with my breakfast like normal.  I’d only eaten some Special K with yoghurt for breakfast at 5.30am (No way can I ride 30km on an empty stomach.) Then 2/3 of a slice of that banana loaf with coffee after the ride.  Some risotto and salad leaves for an early lunch – and by 3pm I was going crazy, even after a few of those seaweed rice crackers with avocado. 

As I’ve quipped numerous times, my milestone events should be all about controlling the eating, and the urge to stuff my face with carbs and sugar after numerous hours on the bike - not necessarily simply upping the ante with exercise challenges.  Hopefully I didn’t go over my calories on Saturday, but I sure as hell managed the cravings with better intake than I normally would have..

So I don’t know if 90mins counts as a super saturday, but that was what I did. So I figured I hadn’t completely earnt a rest day yesterday, and despite the rain (more bloody rain!)  I took myself out for about 45 mins walk/jog on the beach, decked out in my very attractive, stripey ‘thermal top’ (ie. my polypropolene top..)  My hip was a bit iffy, but I threw in jogging stints anyway – and upped them from the last time – because I’m actually itching to run.

  I’m super happy with my new shoes - myshoes

Well, I feel like a dag in them, but they feel sooooo good. I swear they are making the difference with actually being able to jog a bit.  They are ASICS trail running shoes – which fits the bill for the sort of running I would choose to do, as long as my body lets me.  I’m not sure about the comments I get about them:  “Nice shoes” can mean a few things. Like “Oh my god, those shoes are a bit lairy aren’t they?”

Anyway… I’m keeping it ticking over.

Today I’m back at swim squad, after the break over the school holidays.  I am really looking forward to smashing it. My calf has recovered almost completely over the break, so I should be ready to kick butt again. AND not to stuff my face with cookies, or toast with butter, when I get back!

12WBT – a change for life – and all I have to do is JFDI.


  1. Well done Trace, you are doing a fantastic job. I'm impressed with your efforts.
    I reckon you have to do whatever it takes to fight of the chocolate pangs so you go for it girl!

  2. Keep up the good work!

    That's a great idea about keeping chocolate in the freezer.

  3. Great work Trace
    I love the chocolate idea I am sure that an extra 25cals here & there won't make a difference particularly if it stops you eating 8900000 calories in a chocolate binge!