Sunday, October 3, 2010


So the rain that put me off bike riding yesterday morning? That was nuthin’! Stats for Coffs showed nearly 100mm overnight – though I’m not sure whether we’ve had as much up here (23km north.) But it sure as hell was heavy in the early hours of the morning, and this was what we woke up to  - at this rate I could start swimming laps in our backyard!

After skiving off riding in the rain yesterday I was agonising over what to do instead. Even if I didn’t smash out a Super Saturday, at the very least I had to do something.  I hit on the idea of going and swimming laps at the local pool. I had to time it with picking Ms 17 up from a friend’s place – and when I rang I found out they shut at 4.00 instead of 5.00 – but I got there in time to do about half an hour.  What the heck, you’re going to get wet anyway, I thought – and it was better than mooching around home cursing myself for not riding.  I pushed it reasonably hard – timing a lot of my laps, and throwing in some drills, and some kick and scull (I can kick again!!!) – so I had that dancing endorphin feeling afterwards.

I very nearly made a date to meet up with ‘@chookling’ to go walking at 7am this morning (it would have been great to have met up with a fellow 12WBTer!), but the ‘heavy showers’ predicted for the morning put me off and in the end last night I called a raincheck on it. Just as well I think. We would have needed a snorkel! Next Sunday!

It has poured most of the day here – but in a bit of a break I managed about a 4.5km walk, doing most of that headland/beach walk that I did the other day. It was high tide too, so the beach walking was in pretty soft sand.  I broke out into a few jogs here and there when tracks took me UP, so I feel like I’m building myself up.  I stretched when I got home too – but then got carried away with trying some abs and some pushups.  Now I’m paying for it, with my lower back feeling decidedly dicey…   I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself in that department.

The big change to my pre-12WBT life is that I’m consciously making an effort to do something every day. And even if it’s just walking, I’m pushing it more than I used to. I’m going for ups, so I’m definitely working myself harder than my usual flat beach walk in the other direction.

With the Week 3 SURPRISE out, I really have no idea how I would be able to put that into pictures.  Like I said last post, I’m not exactly fitting the mould of 12WBT pinup girl. I don’t think I’ll bother. I already spend enough time obsessing about this program, I really can’t justify the time – even if I’d love to win a HRM.


The other change in me is that I’m now (and still) happily monitoring what I eat, albeit without getting too bogged down in exact calories. I’m finding myself looking at things the girls want to eat, and tutting to myself about the calories!  What do you do when your 17 year old daughter moans about the only bread in the house at the moment being multigrain. “I hate multigrain – the seeds get stuck in my throat!”?!

I made that banana cake yesterday. It’s been a hit here. Very moist compared to other (possibly “healthier” recipes I have), so you don’t actually need to lather it with butter. I guess that could be the aim. I am still wondering about the sugar and butter in it. But I’ve sliced up one of the loaves, wrapped them individually and frozen them. They’ll be a great snack to take with me on our Saturday morning rides when I need to avoid ordering “bad things” from the cafe!

I used a chicken recipe from the recipe index last night – cajun chicken or something – only we had it bbq’d. It was a bit dry (and I also sprayed it with olive oil) so it would have been even drier done in the oven.  The sweet potato wedges were good – even Ms 17 ate some, and she usually doesn’t eat orange sweet potato! (“It tastes good with the chicken” she said.)  I also did some normal potato wedges for them.  God my family can eat!  “Can I have some more chicken?”….  It’s hard to have leftovers in this place!

Tonight I’m sending Himself out to bbq again – some pork chops. Going to try the carrot puree I noticed in another recipe, and do lots of steamed veggies.  The rest of them can have pasta, but I’ll pass.  I’m not missing it – which again is a big change from a mindset entrenched in the idea of having to include a carbohydrate – rice, pasta or potato – in every meal.  So entrenched, the family will think their throats are cut if they don’t have one of the above with their meal.  Baby steps, huh…

Himself reckons he’s lost a bit of weight himself (ha) since this change of meal plans.  I don’t know whether to be pleased, or bloody annoyed, because he sure as hell isn’t restricting himself in other areas like I have to.  Beer, wine, munchies… still on the full fat yoghurt… and he’s not even playing as much sport at the moment with his Touch in between seasons….

Hmmmpf. What can I do? It’s patently obvious he has a better metabolism than me, and I have to get over this “It’s not fair” mindset.

Meanwhile I’m loving my breakfasts… it’s hard to decide which one to have each morning!  I’d never had Special K before – and I quite like it. The youngest two girls REALLY like it, so it’s disappearing at a rate of knots! But I also love yoghurt, fruit and muesli! And I’m not averse to a bit of porridge for a change.  Decisions, decisions!

Time to do something about dinner! First day of Daylight Saving, and I’m caught out already with it still being light at 6.30!


  1. Just a tip with the Cajun chicken. I do it in the oven, and cover the dish with foil.....then whip that off for the last few min to get a bit of colour....has always worked ok. (Now that I cannot smother the chicken with mayo!!)

  2. Cool, I'll have to try that idea next time!

  3. Wow - that's a lot of rain! Lucky you didn't go on the bike ride - and extra points to you for fitting in a swim. Well done. I think you are going to be a real loser (said in the nicest possible way) this weigh in.
    I cooked Nat's Lasagne last night. I'm usually ok with recipes, but I found that one a little weird. Maybe it was just me - have you tried it? I'm sure I ended up making a much bigger one than planned - but it tasted ok. Ricotta looked icky but it was well recived and no one seemed to notice that it looked like vomit. I very virtuously ate just a small portion - and there is probably enough for leftovers tonight if I add lots of extra vegies. I really don't think that it would freeze well the way that I made it.
    Have you bought the cookbook yet?

  4. Yeah, I wasn't that impressed with that lasagna recipe either Wendy, but I think it's a reflection on the blandness of the meat sauce. I'd be inclined to look for a different low-fat lasagna recipe that didn't necessarily mix the ricotta in with the sauce. I can't see what is so fattening about my usual lasagna/bolognaise sauce if I use super-lean mince (which I normally do). Much of it comes down to portion control, really.

    I did find 'Crunch Time' - well, it was the book with all weight loss/exercising program stuff in it as well, with just a chapter near the end for recipes. I decided it wasn't worth the money to buy the whole book just for the recipes, when we're getting all the other tips with 12WBT.

  5. I on the loved the lasagne, lol each to their own hey. I bought the actual cookbook and it has tonnes of yummy recipes.
    I was semi organised while kids on hols but now they go back over today and tomorrow am going to organise myself even more especially i have a major goal and that is I AM GOING TO SYDNEY for the training session and party woo hoo
    i am so looking forward to it.

    Tracey i thinking you are going great guns and love ready your posts......

    keep up the good work

  6. Tracey - it was the Crunchtime Cookbook - not the workout book. It has stacks of receipes and really good! I know what you mean about the usual spag.bol recipe - I think mine is pretty lean and mean too. There is also a nice tortilla stack recipe which was originally from one of the Annette Syms books. It is lovely. On reflection, I probably did something wierd with the ricotta... and there was so much of the fresh pasta.....
    I'm agree about school holidays being more difficult! I'm on my own for the first time in a couple of weeeks and I feel that I can really get my head around the whole program now.
    Tracey - keep up the good work! You have inspired me to actually get into the pool this week! Look out world.

  7. Ah, so I think I might not have found the right book then. Will have to look again this week. Definitely Himself is enjoying the culinary variety - even if he does think that the lentils make him fart!

    Yeah, school holidays are harder to do your thing. You both will be able to cut loose now that your lot are back at school. Another week for me.

    Three cheers for the swimming Wendy! I want to hear how you go!

    I'm not so sure about going to Sydney... I'm a bit scared of the workout, actually! Plus I don't want to get glammed up either... Maybe I'll change my mind as I progress with the program.

    With this weather (it hasn't stopped bucketing down all night and all morning), the only thing I can do today is the Tight Toned Terrific DVD - and I'll have to get a laptop to play it on and retreat to our bedroom upstairs. [I don't even want to go out in the car, never mind on foot! But I haven't actually got anything for dinner, unless I cobble together something from the freezer and cupboard. You know, it's something I could happily do for myself, but the Man of the House would feel hard done by...]

  8. 4 kilos? That's awesome!