Saturday, October 2, 2010


As if the whole psychology of (comfort) eating wasn’t enough to deal with, it’s becoming a bit of a psychological battle being a part of this 12WBT program (with all the social networking) not to feel inadequate next to all the newly addicted gym addicts and running addicts.  I wonder if there’s a contrition rate in the program because of that… 

I have to keep reminding myself that I am ME, with my own particular issues, and I can only do what I can, and what I feel is justified with my physical situation, and my family situation.  And, by the same token, while I talk myself up in any way for my own benefit here, my fellow readers shouldn’t compare themselves to me either. We all have our own unique situations.

I look at those going to the gym, and feel guilty that I am not – but I have to remind myself that I’m making a financial choice, and a personal preference choice.  I pay for two swim squads a week each term for myself, and these are MY addiction.  And never mind the expense, I’m not sure where I’d fit in another class during the week!  (OK – 6am I guess.  You know what?  I don’t like gyms!)

I look at what some are doing, and I think ‘Ah to be young and without a family to factor in to your routine..’… (Yet that is a bit hypocritical of me, as a SAHM without a job.)

And I can’t yet run, and so that’s that. Nothing I can do about it, other than chip away at it…

What a psychological merry-go-round I’m on.

Here’s my little tip though.

What Michelle said in one of those videos about the food vs exercise?…..  I’ve just snuck on the scales again this morning, and I have another half kilo (0.5kg incremental scales remember) loss.  Since Wednesday.

If I can lose weight, without running, without going to half a dozen gym classes a day, without counting the calories exactly (but by pretty much following the essence of the nutrition plan, and avoiding all the CRAP I used to put in my mouth) and without a HRM to count how many calories I’ve burnt – then there is hope for any of us!

We may not lose the weight as quick as each other, and we may not be getting the most we could out of this program, but we CAN STILL LOSE.

I still have room for improvement. With my HEAD. I’m rather disappointed in myself this morning. We got our road bikes ready last night, and planned to drive into Coffs to do the 6.30-8am community ride.  At 5.15 when the alarm went off it was raining. Himself mumbled ‘what do you want to do?’ and I said “I don’t want to ride in the rain”.  (The community ride uses some bike paths that can be slippery when it’s wet…)… And, while usually I’ve relied on him to be the driving force, he went “hmmm” in agreement, and we rolled back over, and woke up again at 9.00.  [He told me later he’d been awake since 4.15 and had only just dropped off before the alarm rang…]   Now I feel bad.

I’m not sure what I’ll do for today, but I’ve pretty much written off the week in terms of trying to follow the exercise plan to the letter. So no need to get into a funk about not doing a Super Saturday. I’ll try and get out on the bike later – I need a change from walking. And try and exercise each day over the long weekend.  Next week I can see if I can get closer to the ideal…

I don’t want to go to early morning gym classes, but I’d like to teach myself to get up to exercise early on at least a couple of mornings. It makes sense to get it done and dusted – even if I still can’t cope with the idea of exercising on an empty stomach.

We can all still need make definite psychological shifts from our previous selves – not only in the way we eat, but also in the way we exercise.  We may not all end up as pin-up girls for 12WBT, but we CAN make changes to the way we were operating before- changes that we may well have a hope of maintaining long past the end of week 12.

I did walk with my wonderful Ms Nearly 12 yesterday – Total of 6km down beaches (soft sand walking!) and up and down a couple of headlands.  I broke into a few jogs, but on the way back when I tried, my hips went “Owwwwww”.  And then the last stretch home I started feeling like an old crock just walking. (The beach was slopey, so I wasn’t walking ‘straight’ if you know what I mean. My hip was sore. And the back of my left knee went all clicky… When we got home, though, I stretched well, and I think I’ve had no lasting ill effects.  Total UP was 109m (and I did each uphill at a bit of a jog)– so a bit more than the previous day.  Next time I’ll aim for more… and keep building it up.  I was feeling it, so while it’s not an 8km run (see – I can’t help myself doing the comparison thing!) – it was SOMETHING.

I made the spaghetti and lentils last night. I added some chilli, and next time would add more.  I did half/half wholemeal and normal spaghetti.  You know what – I didn’t mind it.  I’M EATING LENTILS ! What’s more, the family was ok about it too.  As I said to Ms 17 - “Come with me on this culinary adventure!”

All that said, I don’t have a clue yet what we’re doing for dinner tonight!

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  1. I so get where you are coming from. It is hard not to compare yourself to others though!

    I think you are doing awesome! I am totally in awe of what you acheived in your life and what you are doing during the 12wbt!