Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have other words in my head, but I’ll try to keep it G-rated. 

No loss this morning on scales. That’s from last Wednesday.

From when I snuck on the scales on Saturday, it’s back up 0.5kg. F*** it.    The numbers are probably less – damn 0.5kg increment scales.  Who knows – it might have been still an under 0.5 kg total loss… (But when you sneak on the scales in between time, you confuse things.  Still, when it showed 74.5kg on Saturday, it was a great incentive…)

But today I feel like shit.

*deep breath*

Reality check time.

I’ve got carried away with my own “success” after the first few weeks. “I can still lose without getting too hooked up on the calorie counting.”  Appears I can’t…

I think .. I know… that the past few days I’ve got a bit loose and free with the ‘healthy’ snacks…

And that frigging banana cake.  (Even half slices have calories.)

I’ve been fudging the lunches – eating leftovers.

I haven’t managed to do the intensity of exercise I was doing either, I guess. With no swimming squad in the school holidays, that’s my most intense workout out of the picture.

Doesn’t make sense, though, that when I can finally move better with my torn calf muscle pretty much better… this happens.

That when I’m finally breaking out into some jogs.. this happens.

That when I managed to do something every day… this happens.

That when I DON’T have two days written off to a raging head cold where I succumb to eating bits of chocolate caramel slice and two-minute noodles… like I did two weeks ago -  THIS HAPPENS.


Have to look at the positives.

I’m managing some jogging – that’s good. I can’t do more jogging, too soon- I’ll wreck my back and hips, and I’ll be set back far more than 0.5kg.

Likewise the pushups and abs and stuff.  I have to attack them at my own pace, even if it’s slower than ideal 12wbt/personal trainer type pace.  I’ve been there, done that with a personal trainer, with the weights, and it backfired. (Didn’t help that her motivational techniques were crap too…)

I’ve still improved heaps with the food intake. Every time I go to the supermarket I realise how often I’d slip a chocolate bar into the trolley…and then into my mouth. *scoff scoff scoff*  [It’s just easier to be virtuous with the food when you are rewarded on the scales…]

I WILL NOT now go and eat chocolate to console myself.

I WILL go back to making myself salads for lunch, and not having leftovers like pasta and lentils…

I’m still doing well, considering I had a torn calf muscle, my back and hips are a crock, I get weird soreness in my arms, my knees often play up on me…

(Two nights ago I could hardly get to sleep because my left arm, sort of around/under my shoulder, was doing its inexplicable pain thing again, and my neck, on the right side, was suddenly and unaccountably sore… I very nearly came downstairs to sleep in the recliner lounge…)

I’ve missed our bike riding with this stupid weather…  (Seriously – 300mm in 3 days?)



I’ve still lost about 3.5kg since signing up. (“4kg sounded so much better though… *sighs*)   

This is just a bit of a plateau…


  1. oh Trace - that's a disappointment! It seems as if you slave away like a trojan all the time. Just thinking about the things you do makes me feel like I'm an exercise junkie too. I was certain that you would lose this week.
    Well...... focus on the what you WILL NOT do. They are pretty defining statements. Focus on that when you are feeling low. If it's any help at all ..... I bet you're a big loser next Wednesday! Soldier on my friend. .... once more into the trenches etc .............
    AND BTW ..... 3.5kg OK!! Three and a half kilograms ......... gone.

  2. Hey Wendy, thanks. And you're right. Imagine 3.5kg of mince.. or chicken or something! Gone!
    Hope things are going ok with you.

  3. I am muchly impressed. For some reason this blog takes forever to load and is slow to scroll on my computer so I save my visits for when I have lots of time and read several postings at I am seeing a big change.
    Go Tracey Go Tracey Go!!!!!!!!