Saturday, November 6, 2010

And on the 18th day she Rested.

NOT a Super Saturday here, thanks to the weather this morning. Rain and strong winds – not the kind of weather to get up early to go riding. And we had planned to go on the tandem, and do extra k’s as well. Oh well – next week.  (Or not – Himself is going away for work all week and won’t get back till Friday night – he might not feel like getting up at 5am on the Saturday!)

So I ended up having a rest day, as it rained on and off all day. (In the afternoon we tried to get going on verandah posts, but  the rain came in again and kyboshed that.)

I guess a rest day is allowed. I realised that I’d done something every day since I smashed my toe on the 19th October!  OK, so the next day I just swam laps for half an hour. And the day after was just a pretty slow hobbly walk up the beach. But as I listed in my last post- otherwise something EVERY day.  Since then:

Wednesday – swim squad.
Thursday – Tight Toned Terrific DVD + mowed the yard
Friday – swim squad

I *have* been rewarded on the scales.  I’m very chuffed. Fitting back into blue jeans that I’d busted out of. Another friend commenting. Feeling oh so effing good about myself! I mean, I’ve managed to lose kilos despite my toe.  I’m on a roll here!

To the point where I feel paranoid that not having burnt off any extra calories today will result in a spike back up again.

I shouldn’t get so hung up about it – particularly as I'm already not following the program to the letter. I’m doing what exercise I’m capable of, and what fits into my daily life. I’m not counting calories super closely either, but, geez,  I must be getting pretty close to the mark. [Why am I not being more careful with the calories? Because I feel that I need to do this in a way that I’ll be able to continue doing for the rest of my life. And I know that there is no chance that I’d be able to keep up counting calories forever… so what I’m doing is re-educating myself with regard to nutrition and general calorie intake per day, and basically trying to set myself up with a sustainable (by Tracey) lifestyle.]

I guess it’s a good thing that I’m feeling a bit blah about missing the exercise today, because I shouldn’t have any problem getting back into it with passion tomorrow.

(Was bloody good to have a long sleep in this morning though!)

So anyway, I did submit a recipe to this weeks Surprise challenge. I would SO love to win something!

Tracey’s Lemon Chicken Stir Fry  (Dinner)
Serves 2
(299 cal per serve)

I created this recipe as a substitute for your typical Chinese takeaway Lemon Chicken. For the few extra cals tossing in the wholemeal flour, and using a tablespoon of olive oil, helps to give it that ‘battered’ look but without the batter! Plus it helps to slightly thicken and caramelise the lemon juice. It’s an simple recipe but all my kids and my husband love it.

210g chicken breast or tenderloins, chopped into bite size pieces
1 tablespoon wholemeal flour
1 tblsp olive oil
1 green shallot, diced
150g green beans (topped/tailed and chopped into 2-3cm lengths)
small carrot - julienned/shredded
90g broccoli chopped into bite size pieces
12g Fava nuts (Roasted broadbeans - 1/2 of 25g snack pack)
Juice of 1 lemon (about 1/4 cup)

Toss chicken pieces in flour to coat. (put both in a clean plastic bag and shake till chicken evenly coated)
Heat oil in non-stick pan or wok – stir fry chicken pieces till golden, remove from pan.
Add shallots, beans and broccoli stir fry a minute or two, add carrots strips and fava nuts. Stir fry a minute.
Return chicken to pan, mix – then add lemon juice. Stir well till coated. Serve.

Serving options:
Add ½ cup steamed basmati rice (111 cal)


I always like to add a bit of colour to my stir fries, and a nutritionist once told me to try to add some ‘orange’ to every meal, so I’ve added the carrot here - but you can obviously substitute any veggies you want and play around with quantities and calories.  (It’s yum with broccolini.) 
I have this great ‘julienning’ gadget for carrots that shreds them into really thin but longish strips which are more appealing than just grated carrot, but way thinner than julienning with a knife. (Carrot is great added to salads that way.)  You possibly don’t need as much as a whole small carrot even - add just what looks right artistically!!)


I added the fava nuts to replace calorie laden cashews or almonds which you often find in chinese dishes. They are roasted broadbeans – the same brand as those chic nuts Mish recommended in the ‘snacks’ video – just be careful, as they have more cals than the chic nuts.  Half a 25g snack pack is still worth 60 calories, so you might like to substitute a ¼ cup of pre-cooked brown rice instead (30 cals) – I think brown rice has a slightly nutty flavour.

[I forgot to add the fava nuts when I made it up last night as a ‘Serves 2’ test run and for the photo - but when I used them the other night they got the thumbs up from the household food critics!  NB. I had actually come up with this recipe before 12WBT, but 12WBT has taught me how to adapt it to meet the calorie criteria! A few weeks ago I had never heard of chic nuts or fava nuts!]

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