Friday, November 12, 2010


It’s been a bit of an up and down week. I was on top of the world just before last weekend.  When was it – the Thursday or Friday last week? – the scales gave me a 71.  That new ‘low’ put me on a high – which then pitched me into this stupid rollercoaster ride up and down all week. 71.5 on Tuesday. 72 on weigh in day, Wednesday. Then 71.5 again on Thursday. (So, stuff it, I went with the 71.5 for my stats…) 

Oh, I know I should get better scales – this half kilo increment thing is doing my head in a bit.  But apart from finishing the ‘journey’ with these - imagine if I bought a new set, and they didn’t match these ones? In the wrong direction?!  Never mind that Himself doesn’t see a need to buy new scales when these ones work just fine! (It’s a finely tuned thing, the purchasing decisions in this house – probably making no sense to the outsider looking in. Let’s just say I feel quite keenly the fact that I don’t bring a regular income into the house, so I tend to ‘weigh up’ (no pun intended there) what I can buy without consultation or ‘approval’ – which is actually a lot of things. And what will cause more than raised eyebrows because he thinks it’s not necessary…)


Clothes are starting to be too big for me – to the point where I don’t have as much choice of what to wear! Bit of a dilemma – I intend to lose another 7 kilos, so it’s crazy to buy too much. But I do need clothes!

And after trying on the wretched outfit I bought (under duress) the weekend before Week 1, there was no way I was going to feel happy in it. So I went shopping today with Ms 17 for something different to wear to her Yr 12 formal -  and I found something in Target. AND a size 12 even…  (I actually brought home two of them, but will take one back.)

Just to illustrate the difference 8 weeks has made -


Not exactly fashion week photoshoot material  – with the bedroom floor mess, and a dagging around candid pose - but it gives an idea of how far I’ve come, and what a difference 5-6 kg makes.

I’ll get a proper one on Saturday night.  Though I tend to dorkiness (as you can see) when I try to pose for a photo.

The miracle is I can wear the sandals with my still-sore toe.  I was a bit worried about that, but they don’t affect it.

My stars, for the first time in a looooong time, I’m almost looking forward to getting dressed up and going out. 


  1. Wow - yes you can see a difference! Go girl - well done.... and I bet the sandals fit better too (lol). Don't worry about the scales - not worth a crumb in the big picture. I mean 500g here or there - is it really worth spending $$? The main thing is the difference, and that is obvious!!

  2. You look awesome, Trace - and no doubt starting to feel fairly blooming awesome also.