Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I’ve not had the mojo to blog much lately, have I? I wish I could say that has meant I’ve not spent much time on my backside at the computer, but the truth is I’ve just not had the attention span to do much more than twitter. I guess I’ve settled into a routine where the 12WBT twitter network support is what gets me by each day… and I love the regular ‘chats’ I have with a few fellow ‘travellers’ – supporting each other through our ups and downs.

When I look back on the past – what 10 days or so? .. since I last blogged – I think I’ve managed to do something exercise-wise every day.  (No wonder I was so flipping tired this afternoon!) At the risk of being boring as hell, I’m going to go back through my Twitter profile, just to indulge myself. (One of my goals was to get into the habit of exercising every day.  I’ve not completely managed to follow the exercise plan to the letter, but I’m here to tell you that exercise + better eating = weight loss! [More on that later though…]

A week ago I could jog 1km. Today I just managed to walk carefully + cautiously up beach and back. 1.7km total. Doubt the speed burnt cals.  Thurs 21st Oct

Off to swim squad, hopefully I can kick a bit today. Had a test ride on my bike, didn't hurt toe too much, so will give riding a whirl in am
Bed time - up early to go riding. Hoping the toe holds up. It's a bit weird tonight after swimming. Am an idiot, didn't strap it in the pool  Fri 22nd Oct

Rode this morning - 31km. Toe held up ok (bless my bike shoes), slight twinge if I stood on hills, but all up ok. Improving on av speed too.  Sat 23 Oct

Stealth Sunday weigh in - down a kg! In fact, down 1.5kg from Wednesday's aberrant weigh in! Woop, woop, woop! @12WBT Recharges me!!!!
About to hire canoes for Ms 12 + 3 friends for her little birthday 'do'. So I'm going to get a kayak for the hour! Sun 24 Oct
(Then I spent the afternoon going up and down the stairs in our three storey house carrying tools and verandah posts!)

We then had a day of no internet – but the Monday I did my usual 1 hour swim squad.

Nearly 2 hours shoving a lawnmower around touch field - some parts thru lush grass. Toe is sore, and I'm stuffed. #willhavetodoforexercise 
When I say touch field, I mean SEVEN touch fields. Tues 26 Oct

Thank you Oh Scales for staying true to Sunday's reading, and reversing last Wednesday's aberration! Officially down 1.5kg then! @12WBT 
Swim squad done. Now to decide what to do tomorrow. Not sure the toe can take a workout dvd... @12WBT Wed 27 Oct

Lost mojo, need a jfdi kick up bum.
Go for a ride, go for a ride, go for a ride... JFDI Tracey...!
Rell12wbt: @trace12WBT go for it!!! You will feel so good when u get back...that was me last night after my JFDI run :)
@Rell12wbt - mind you, i think it's about to rain! that'd be typical... oh well, it's only water
Rell12wbt @trace12WBT I'm cheering you on from here!! The rain will not stop you GO FOR IT!! :)
@Rell12wbt - rain starting already... + heavier stuff on way. gah, maybe I should just try and do dvd instead.
No, I'm GOING.
Rell12wbt @trace12WBT GO GO GO!!! See you when you get back :) 10min rule remember...
@Rell12wbt - 45min ride, 16.8km - then did 3 x 5mins of TTT dvd (chest, triceps/biceps, + abs) + stretch.  Thurs 28 Oct

(special shout out to Rell for keeping me honest that day!)

Just done my hour swim squad, yeeha... #endorphinhit @12WBT Fri 29 Oct

39km total bike ride. (1 hr 42mins) That takes care of Saturday exercise. ..  Sat 30 Oct

Sneaky sunday weigh in - down another kilo #omg #halfkiloincrementscales
Just did 2 hour, 30km MTB ride. Adrenalin must surely burn off extra cals, eh?! Sun 31 Oct

Now to do Ms 12's paper run, ..[1 hour].. and then swim squad this arvo.
We did 2.3km in our swim squad just now.
#buggered Mon 1 Nov

90mins of pushing a mower. Got to have burned some cals and done something for my butt! 8 hours ago

So I’ve not managed to do much in the way of toning, but I’ve nailed the ‘exercise every day’ bit.  I’m not following each week’s nutrition plan to the letter – it just doesn’t work for me catering to the whole family – but I’m definitely keeping to the spirit of it, and I’ve changed so much about what I do and don’t eat.

I haven’t had a wine, beer or soft drink since the program began.  I’ve had the occasional bite of a cake or slice or something – but that’s where I’ve stopped. Instead of stuffing my face! I have had chocolate – one or two little squares of dark chocolate which I’ve hidden in the freezer. (If my older two girls find it, I’ll have none left when I’m desperate!)  This approach has appeased the choc monster within and stopped me from pigging out on a whole bar.  I guess we have to pick what we can and can’t do without, and factor it in to a calorie count.

In the past I wasn’t a big fan of vegetables – now I’m lapping them up, and I’m happy to have them instead of rice, pasta or potatoes with a serving of some sort of meat.  So there’s the occasional dish I’ll have spaghetti or pasta with – like a 12WBT-ifed spaghetti bol that I made, and so I just reduced my portion size. 

I have so much veg and salad in the fridge, I’m struggling for space!

I’m fitting back into clothes I’d busted out of – so I’m pretty happy right now. My little toe might still be preventing me from jogging (and it was throbbing after my mowing stint this morning), but I’m working around it. And it is, slowly, getting better.

I’m feeling good about my body, and it’s helping my .. confidence.. in other areas – if you get my gist….  *ahem*.

I’ve got the top end of my BMI healthy weight range in my sights now… and I’m confident that I can get there.

I’m feeling fitter and healthier than I’ve felt in a long long while- but I also know that (especially once this toe heals properly) I can up the ante with the exercise.

So anyway … I’m steeling myself for weigh-in vagaries in the morning… After that post-mini milestone letdown on the Wednesday afterwards, I’m expecting anything. The important thing is that I know that even if it does, I’m still on a very definite downward trend.

For the 12WBT stats page I’m sticking to Wednesday figures. But I’m reserving the right to boost my confidence by recording other new ‘lows’ on my ticker thingy.  My starting weight for that was the week that I actually signed up to 12WBT (rather than just before Week 1, Day 1) – and so that means that – as of Sunday at least – I’ve lost 6.5kg! Just about half-way to where I’d like to be, but already smashed my (admittedly conservative) 3 month goal.

Got to be happy with that.


  1. Tracey, you are awesome and I'm glad your back blogging as I love reading your posts.
    Keep up the amazing effort. No wonder you are seeing results. You go girl!

  2. I'm impressed also - well done!