Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Can’t believe that Round 3 of 12WBT is over. I had great intentions of blogging my way through it, but all that kind of fell by the wayside.  So much for my inner writer.  Never mind – if it meant that I focused on the job at hand, then so much the better, I think. 

So .. the verdict? Oh. My. God. I cannot believe what I have achieved! I still keep thinking I’m going to wake up from a dream and find myself back the way I was.

Officially – from week 1 to week 12 I lost 9kg – 11.7% weight loss, and I hit my healthy weight range with a BMI of 24.7. From when I signed up – a couple of weeks beforehand -  to today, I’ve lost 11.5kg!  (Far out, I lost another 1.5kg this last week! – 66.5 kg this morning!)

I’m actually still quite nonplussed. I set myself very modest goals –  I was quite prepared to take it slowly but surely, to make sure it was sustainable.  Well, to use some MishBridges terminology – I smashed them!  I’d aimed for losing 10kg in  6 months, and I’ve done it in less than four.  (I said at the start that I only had to lose 10kg to ‘look ok’ – so I’ve done that, and I was right about the looking ok bit! A few more to put myself safely in the middle to lower part of my healthy BMI range, and I’ll be on Cloud 9.)

I can’t go anywhere without people who I haven’t seen for a while (or even a week!) commenting and complimenting me!  “You’ve got a waist now!”

I feel fantastic – and.. *ahem*.. my husband seems to think I feel fantastic too. He doesn’t recall me ever being ‘like this’… I have actually been a tad lighter (the last time was 13  years ago before I got pregnant with Zoe), but I daresay I didn’t have the muscle tone as I wasn’t doing the same amount of consistent exercise.  To say that it has rejuvenated our marriage/relationship would be an understatement.

What is probably more amazing is what I’ve managed given the injuries I had – starting out with the torn calf muscle, then smashing my little toe. Since I did that job on my toe I haven’t been able to run at all… (First fitness test I couldn’t run because of my calf. Second one I jogged it in 6 mins 31. Then, the toe.) I am nearly there.. had a go the other day.. it still hurt a teeny bit (and it was my dodgy lower back that felt iffy.)  Given that I’d decided to avoid running because of my back and hips, any jogging that I do achieve from here on in will be awesome. (I’m sure it will be a whole lot less stress on my back carrying less weight!)

I’ve also taken the abs and arm stuff a bit more cautiously (than Mish or any personal trainer would probably have me do) because I’m much too paranoid about my lower back, and my joints.  (A year ago a GP had me on daily panadol osteo for what she reckoned was the start of arthritis, and I’ve needed regular chiropractic visits to keep my back manageable. I ditched the panadol earlier this year and am taking Glucosamine and Fish Oil, which seems to be working!)

So I’ve still got toning work to do, but I’m getting there.

So, pics… as I put the BEFORE photo out there, I’ll put the BEFORE/AFTER shot here.  I was probably a little bit disappointed with it, as I didn’t feel like it reflected the change I felt with clothes on! It doesn’t show the fact that I’ve just about run out of clothes to wear (particularly pants and shorts) because they’re all falling off me. (Himself says ‘use a belt!’ – but I just can’t bunch them up that much!)


Put it this way – I’m now happy as Larry to have my photo taken with clothes on!! LOL.

This was taken two days ago at Ms 12’s year 6 graduation assembly. (She was a bit emotional about it!!)


The big thing about all this is that it’s a change for life – not just for 12 weeks. A few more kilos to lose to get myself into the middle of my healthy weight range –  more toning, as I said - and then, maintenance. But it is all totally doable, because I’ve had an even bigger tranformation in my head than I have physically.  Such a different approach to both what I put in my mouth AND consistency and effort in any exercise I do. 

Unlike many who did 12WBT, doing ‘mega’ days of physical exercise wasn’t something new to me..  and nor was the experience, and even enjoyment, of getting that endorphin hit (and feeling bloody good the rest of the day). But now – due to ensuring I do something pretty much every day, I’m getting that buzz every day, and I’m feeling so much fitter and stronger.

Did I mention I feel fantastic?! I’ve noticed that now when people ask ‘how are you?’ my automatic response now is ‘good!’.  (A kind of surprised ‘Wow! I actually feel great!’) Before this, the answer would have been more likely to have been ‘meh.. ok...’

So, do I continue this blog?  Perhaps I will simply to keep myself accountable for my daily exercise/training. (Resolution to blog/write more!) Christmas and the beginning of holidays will throw up challenges for me. Apart from the food thing, I have to find a replacement for my three swim squads a week!

But you know what? Armed with all the 12WBT mind tools, I can and will JFDI ! 


  1. Tracey you have had awesome results. I've loved following your journey and your pics are amazing. Best of luck with the continuing journey and have a fabulous Xmas
    Linda xxx

  2. "Did I mention I feel fantastic?"

    You look it too.
    You done good girl!!!!!

  3. Awesome - you JFDidI allright!!
    Well done, an inspiration to others thats for sure. I did lose some 6kgs but expect to do bigger and better things with next round. I think that getting your head around things (which you obviously did so well) is a big part of it. Excellent Trace - you smashed it!