These are the goals I first came up with when doing the preseason task.

1 month - lose first 2 kg

Following exercise and nutrition plan
3 months - lose 6 kg total
Be exercising every day as a habit.
Exercise and nutrition plan.
6 months -lose 10 kg total -
Fit back into size 12-14 clothes.
Yep - that exercise and nutrition plan.
12 months - lose 15kg total - that last tricky 5 kg
Back into a Size 12.

Too modest? I don't want to aim too high - then again, perhaps I'm not aiming high enough.

With the Diarise and Organise task, I have to set exercise related mini-milestones for Week 4 and 8, and a major one for Week 12. I am honestly not sure what to do for these.