I'm going to gradually list some tips and tricks that have worked for me - and others - to help break the bad habits of a lifetime - with eating, mainly, but also exercise. Obviously I don't have a hell of a lot of tips yet - otherwise I wouldn't be in the position I am now.  I intend to add to these as I read of other's successes throughout this program.

If going cold turkey is too yuk, there's always the weaning option.One habit that did stick from seeing a nutritionist some 12 yrs ago, was how I managed to wean myself off whole milk. I used to do half whole milk/half lite white in my coffee! Then just Lite. Then I did half Lite/half No Fat, till I got to No Fat. Now I can't handle the creamy taste of whole milk. I know I end up drinking Lite when I have a 'Skinny Cap', but at home I pretty much always have No Fat now.
*caveat - use sparingly - my problem is I've spent the last 10 years thinking I can wean myself off everything "bad", and, surprise, surprise, it hasn't worked.
 Snacks...Carrots cut with one of those crinkle cut choppers... "carrot chips!"

"I love to cook with wine - sometimes I even put it in the food."
Major nemesis this. If I can get to the table, I'm right.. it's just fighting that willpower battle where I think I NEED a glass of wine while I cook. And then of course it's the crackers and dip to go with the wine.  Well, I've been reasonably successful just during preseason. Glass of water. And some carrot strips or chips.  A couple of nights I've had just half a glass of wine -and that's that. Since then I've pretty much managed to go without.
 A sip or a bite.
Again perhaps not a 12wbt recommended method, but what worked for me 12 years ago, and what is working already in preseason, is that I'll have ONE bite or ONE sip of someone's something. That way, I assuage my sweet tooth craving (or wine craving)...  yet don't fall into the 'Oh I'll just have one cake/biscuit/glass too' trap.  This helps when your family are indulging  and you feel like crap because they're all going 'nomnomnom' and your halo is starting to slip around your eyes.  To me it also staves off a complete fall from 'the wagon' and prevents a binge attack.
*Just make sure your family are not indulging every day!! And it doesn't mean a bite of everyone's yummy thing either!